UNH: Home to global graduates with international talent
Sriyaa Shah. Source: UNH

As a research-driven university with international students from 72 countries, the University of New Hampshire (UNH) is a haven for any career-driven learner.

Within reach of incredible destinations such as Boston and New York City, UNH is a place that allows you to explore the world while harnessing your academic ambitions.

Why choose UNH?

UNH has established a truly global community of intellectuals and innovators by helping learners from all backgrounds achieve their personal, academic and professional goals.

UNH keeps learners and graduates connected through a global alumni network. The Wildcats Connections platform brings students and alumni together, allowing them to ask questions, seek guidance and share stories of success. This virtual bridge allows graduates and learners to explore a free flow of careers advice.

Before you arrive at UNH’s award-winning, sustainable and beautiful campus you’ll find over 200 degrees and programmes to choose from, plus campus recreational activities to join and research schemes that dare to challenge the impossible.

Thanks to the university’s remarkable reputation and the exceptional quality of its faculties, potential employers will see you as a job-ready graduate already equipped with an impressive work ethic. It’s why so many UNH graduates have gone on to work with renowned organisations such as Goldman Sachs, Fidelity Investments, Pfizer, Oracle, Dell and more!

What do international students say about UNH?

To provide valuable insight into what international student life is like at UNH, Communication and Psychology graduate and winner of ‘UNH’s Best’ award from the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership, Sriyaa Shah from Dubai has a few words to share.

“I chose UNH because I like to explore new places and meet new people and I like listening to stories about human experiences and cultures; it keeps us connected and humble to the world beyond ourselves.”

When asked why she selected UNH as her future study destination, she explained that she was determined to get outside her comfort zone and eager to enter uncharted territory. “I wanted to experience the American culture in its authenticity and at this liberal arts university you learn about humans and their behaviours,” she says, “which not only gives you a multidimensional perspective on key issues but is also helpful in navigating your daily life.”

Since graduating, Sriyaa utilised the leadership skills and academic experience she gained from UNH and is applying them in her new marketing role at a Greater Boston technology firm. From being one of the voices behind UNH’s social media engine to diving into the fields of high-tech innovation, she thanks the university for her success.

“The amount of opportunities you get at UNH is amazing. Through student organisations, I found the confidence to trust myself, I found the value of being in a community and I found out how to become a team player. If I never took that leap, I would never have discovered these qualities in myself!”

How will UNH impact your future?

If you’re ready to explore the future possibilities of your professional career and wish to combine these with a proactive, positive learning environment – UNH is the place to be.

Welcoming you to a close-knit community of Wildcats, the university goes beyond student expectations by providing regular social and networking events and career-building initiatives.

Hyun Jun Kim. Source: UNH

The inclusive culture and commitment to diversity are what Accounting student, Hyun Jun Kim from South Korea, admired about his academic adventure.

“UNH is a great environment for you to immerse yourself in the culture and the language. I was impressed by how nice and friendly people are here and I feel like everyone who’s learning a language should learn here. We can’t grow if we don’t go out of our comfort zone.”

To prevent any international students from feeling alone or isolated, UNH has gone one step further and created a Buddies without Borders (BWB) scheme. BWB connects cultures, widens perspectives and builds friendships, so international students are paired up with American students each semester, based on personal preferences.

With the help of this scheme, you’ll meet with your buddy a few times per month and attend optional group meetups – a great way to engage and exchange experiences with your peers!

By merging a local feel with a global presence, the University of New Hampshire unites students through the ultimate international student experience.

So, if you’re wondering how to sign up for this transformative learning experience in the US, discover more here.

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