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Globally-recognized for its commitment to curriculum quality and diversity, the College of Engineering (CoE) at the University of Miami (UM) has been transforming students into career-driven graduates since 1947.

As a sought-after study destination, Miami has recently been named as one of the QS 100 Best Student Cities 2018. With its skyscraper-rich cityscape and serene sandy beaches, you’ll be in a prime position to discover your next professional leap.

Master your career with an MS program

At the UMCoE, there’s a multitude of proactive and dynamic MS Programs to study. As you can see from the universities informative virtual tour, the College supplies you with an engaging study environment to further enhance your knowledge of the engineering sector.

Students have the opportunity to study and conduct research in a myriad of engineering areas. To discover the fundamentals of information assurance, cryptography and information security, you can opt for the MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering in Cybersecurity.

Or, if you’d prefer to take a plunge into marine science and coastal infrastructure, you can choose the multidimensional MS Ocean Engineering program. With so much to offer, the UMCoE may also capture your interests with other opportunities like the MS Architectural Engineering, MS Biomedical Engineering, MS Industrial Engineering and MS Construction Management degrees.

Innovation through design thinking

From day one, the UMCoE has generated an array of innovative projects and has welcomed thousands of influential design thinkers to its faculty.

A prime example of the College’s ground-breaking economic and social impact in action would be the Innovation Bridge. By using composite materials instead of prestressing cables and steel reinforcement, forward-thinking students and faculty members have transformed the traditional bridge design and created a corrosion-free resilient structure.

But the revolutionary efforts of the CoE don’t stop there. The award-winning Dr. Antonio Nanni, professor and chair of the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, and his team are supporting efforts of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Commission and Citrus County by building the next-generation bridge in Homosassa Springs, Florida.  This fiber-reinforced polymers (FRP) bridge is durable, stronger, safer and more environmentally-friendly than today’s construction.

By studying at a college that promotes eco-awareness and accommodates professors who understand the significance of GFRP reinforcement in sustainable construction, you’ll be graduating from a reputable innovation institution.

Delivering solutions to real-world projects

“At the University of Miami, College of Engineering, our faculty and students transform the world. As Miami’s innovation ecosystem attracts global start-up companies, incubators and innovation-focused non-profits, it’s a place of rapid transformation and incredible creative energy,” says Jean Pierre Bardet, professor and Dean of the College of Engineering.

As a strategic hub for sustainable development and creative change, the CoE team is producing effective solutions for real-world projects. Currently, they’re focused on restoring Cuba’s historic infrastructure. Through this constructive initiative, UM engineers and researchers have recommended a new class of fabric-reinforced materials to help preserve Cuba’s architecture and to bring its infrastructure back to life.

Additionally, Dr. Antonio Nanni received the 2018 Joe. W Kelly Award from ACI for his ground-breaking research and exemplary service to the concrete industry. By regularly leading keynote lectures, such as the Mechanics of Masonry Structures Strengthened with Composite Materials, students maintain up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the contemporary engineering sector.

Students that are revolutionizing sustainability

“At UM CoE, we are training students to be creative in their responses to society’s problems and we are working with industries to deploy the innovation in real-world projects. So, if you’re interested in engineering, then you should come to the University of Miami because this is where we focus on the future of sustainable development, rather than the past,” says Dr. Antonio Nanni.

Alongside a forward-thinking faculty, an extensive selection of MS programs and more than 25 student organizations, students can revolutionize the future of sustainability. For instance, if you want to dedicate your skills to international community projects, you can join the Engineers Without Borders group and help to bring back clean water for struggling underdeveloped countries.

To take student’s potential to the next level, the UM College of Engineering also provides the UM College of Engineering – Johnson & Johnson 3D Printing Center of Excellence Collaborative Laboratory. The laboratory includes exclusive access to advanced 3-D Printers and high-tech additive manufacturing equipment, which is rarely found at other top research universities.

Game-changing graduate success

A vital factor to every student’s study adventure is the career prospects. As graduate success is essential to the CoE, there are many noteworthy companies that employ UM Engineers.

Powered by a supportive career service, the college links you to up-and-coming jobs in areas such as big data analytics and cybersecurity, chemistry and molecular science, healthcare engineering, neural engineering, and resilient and smart systems. The college has produced an impressive 89 percent of undergraduates who leave readily-equipped with postgraduate plans – it’s the ideal place for any go-getting student who wants to fulfill their professional aspirations.

For extra support, the university welcomes you to the Toppel Career Center. By acknowledging the ever-changing engineering landscape, they will ensure your résumé stays fresh and relevant.

After all, if we reflect back on what CoE Dr. Nanni states, “You should come to the University of Miami because this is where we focus on the future of sustainable development, rather than the past.”

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