Lately, things have been somewhat doom-and-gloom for the UK’s higher education scene, what with reports disproving the ‘graduate premium’ and revealing that Millennials are earning less, but spending more compared to earlier generations.

Not to mention the maintenance grants for underprivileged students being scrapped.

But here’s a little glass-half-full for you: it’s possible for graduates to earn not only a decent salary, but even exceed the national average salary of £27,600, which would certainly help pay off the student loan.

Jobs and recruitment website Glassdoor recently analyzed jobs available to graduates and their corresponding salaries, determining those which paid the most.

According to the list, which was released on Wednesday, Analysts earn the highest salaries at £34,366, followed by Consultants (£28,891) and Software Engineers (£28,370).

“Getting on the first rung of the career ladder is a time of both great excitement and trepidation for graduates. However, finding the right job is not easy. With millions of final year students graduating this summer, we’ve now identified where some of the UK’s best young talent can earn the most in what is an extremely competitive entry-level market,” said Jon Ingham, Glassdoor’s Careers and Workplace expert.

Glassdoor’s top 10 highest-paying graduate jobs in the UK:

  1. Analyst – £34,366
  2. Consultant – £28,891
  3. Software engineer – £28,370
  4. Mechanical engineer – £26,949
  5. Engineer – £26,500
  6. Software developer – £26,000
  7. Civil engineer – £25,000
  8. Structural engineer – £24,993
  9. Management trainee – £20,000
  10. Recruitment consultant – £20,000

Ingham went on to say: “While it’s not just about the money, knowledge really is power when you are job hunting. Graduate job seekers should endeavour to think wider than just the monthly pay cheque. For example, what is the culture like, does the employer offer competitive perks and benefits, is it a sociable environment, do they offer training and mentoring? The more you know, the better the decision you can make.”

Glassdoor combines the latest job listings with a vast array of user-generated content on more than 580,000 companies globally, including 13 million workplace ratings and reviews, salary reports, interview reviews, benefits reviews, office photos and more shared by employees.

Earlier this year, Glassdoor launched a new job search experience designed to help job seekers quickly determine if a job or company is the right fit for them, by integrating reviews submitted by current and former employees.

Perhaps it’s time to update your CV?

Image via Olu Eletu/Unsplash

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