UCI DCE: Where academic dreams transform into successful realities
Source: UCI Division of Continuing Education

At the University of California, Irvine (UCI), their established Division of Continuing Education (DCE) is committed to transforming students’ academic dreams into successful realities.

As the U.S. has long been a popular study destination that many international students love to visit, higher education systems such as UC Irvine have made it their mission to deliver a balanced and effective learning experience. By immersing their students in the diverse culture that California has to offer and encouraging learners to achieve their career aspirations, anything is possible at UCI.

Highlighted by the latest edition of the U.S. News & World Report, UC Irvine is one of the 50 best national universities. By being the youngest campus ever to be welcomed into the prestigious Association of American Universities (AAU) and maintaining over 30,000 enrollments from students worldwide each year, this university has rightfully earned its place in the report’s globally competitive rankings.

DCE at UCI is also praised for its extensive array of courses, certificate programs and internship program. By covering a wide range of topics such as Business Administration, Data Science & Predictive Analytics for Business, Digital Marketing, Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship, International Business Operations & Management, International Tourism and Hotel Management, Media and Global Communications, International Finance, Project Management, and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), your study choices are unlimited at UCI.

Source: UCI Division of Continuing Education

So, if you feel like you’re yet to secure your dream career role or to master your academic ambitions, UCI is here to help. You’ll soon unlock your true potential with DCE’s high-quality instruction and the appropriate use of technology…

UCI DCE Student Success Stories

Before selecting an academic institution to attend, it’s wise to hear the success stories of previous students.

For Abdulaziz Alaqeel, graduating from UCI DCE’s 10-Week Intensive English and Business English programs was a transformative study experience. As a scheme that helps you prepare for career advancement or university-level study, Alaqeel enjoyed travelling to the U.S. and powering up his English knowledge with new linguistic tools and techniques.

As he explains, “While deciding where to study in the U.S., I discovered that Irvine was voted as the safest place in America to live. Once I arrived at campus, I started my English studies and my test scores were low, but once I took the final tests, my scores were very high. Thanks to these scores on my UCI transcript, I’ve now been admitted to my dream university!”

Source: UCI Division of Continuing Education

Digital Marketing and Media & Global Communication Accelerated Certificate Program student Sergio Carrallo also discovered his professional purpose at UCI. As a professional football player, Sergio knew he had to prepare for a time when the sport would not be his full-time job. Therefore, he decided to pursue his passion for digital media.

According to Carrallo, “I decided to transfer my focus over to the world of digital marketing and global communications at UCI and it was one of the best decisions I made. The university gave me everything I need to excel in the real world and provided me with valuable insights into my chosen field. Without them, I wouldn’t have met so many amazing people from different countries or have the confidence to chase after my dreams.”

Another student who unlocked their hidden potential at UCI DCE is Experience University Research student Wang Duan. By participating in this program, Duan had the opportunity to dive straight into enlightening and educational experiences and took courses in Academic English, SAT Preparation and Environmental Analysis and Design.

As she states, “Before I came to UC Irvine, I always wanted to become a biological science student but wanted to learn other things too. As they don’t offer this type of course in China, this university allowed me to explore my skill set and to heighten my confidence. I really enjoyed my time here as I could attend the lectures here and then have fun in the nearby cities. It was an incredible opportunity and I recommend it to everyone!”

Source: UCI Division of Continuing Education

Alternatively, alumni member Atahan Isik from Istanbul also had a life-changing journey while becoming a post-certificate graduate student at UCI DCE. By acquiring essential knowledge about international business at Irvine, Isik went on to launch an international growth consulting company called Related & Co. Now, he is a frequent guest speaker at the university and has maintained close relationships with the UCI DCE community.

Inspired by his time at UCI, Isik explains, “The impact UCI DCE has had on my life and career is huge. I had a plan, but the university gave me the direction and tools I needed to succeed.” Another great advantage of studying here is that “So many tech companies are coming to Irvine. There is so much opportunity here, and I really want to be part of the UCI community fueling this movement.”

So, if you want to enjoy a success story of your own and conquer your academic aspirations, it all starts at the University of California, Irvine – Division of Continuing Education. With a multitude of practical and influential courses and a dedicated team of peers and professors, you’ll be one step closer to securing your dreams.

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