UCAS Clearing 2022
Clearing is a process where university applicants are matched to university places that haven't been filled. Source: Justin Tallis/AFP

If you’re planning on studying in the UK but don’t have an offer from a UK university or college, don’t worry. Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) Clearing 2022 will take place from July 5 to October 18, 2022. 

Clearing is a process whereby universities and colleges fill in any places they still have on their courses. Anyone awaiting for an undergraduate offer from a UK institution can apply for UCAS Clearing 2022. International students are eligible too, provided that their original applications were made through UCAS.

If you’re unsure about what to do, this quick summary will tell you all you need to know about UCAS Clearing 2022. 

UCAS Clearing 2022

Clearing is useful for many reasons. You may be eligible if you’ve changed your mind about the course you applied for, or were uncertain about what course to pursue during the first round of applications and didn’t apply. Source: Thomas Coex/AFP

Am I qualified for UCAS Clearing 2022?

You qualify for university UCAS Clearing 2022 if you fulfil any of these conditions:

  • You’re applying after June 30, 2022
  • You didn’t receive any offers (or none you wanted to accept)
  • You didn’t meet the conditions of your offers
  • You’ve paid the multiple choice application fee of 26.50 pounds
  • You’ve declined your firm place using the “decline my place” button in your application

How will I know if I’m in Clearing?

You’ll know you’re in Clearing if your application status says “You are in Clearing” or “Clearing has started”. If you received a firm offer, you may decline — after which your application status then says “You are Clearing” or “Clearing has started”. 

What is Clearing Plus and how do I use it?

A new addition to the UCAS Clearing process, Clearing Plus is only available if you’re unsuccessful with your application or are applying for the first time for a place in Clearing. You’ll be able to view your matches in your UCAS Hub.

Using the original choices you applied for, combined with your qualifications and grades, the tool will match you with university and college courses that are available. It also takes into account what other Clearing students chose to study in previous years.

Should you be unplaced or decide to start a new application altogether, a button will appear in your application called “My matches” — which will show your top 50 course matches. 

You can then reach out to these universities and let them know you are interested in their courses. If a spot opens up and you meet their entry requirements, they may reach out. 

UK-bound? Recent reports suggest that UK student visas take an average of five weeks to process. Source: Oli Scarff/AFP

Where can I find my Clearing number?

Your Clearing number will show up under “Application status” in your application.  

I think I’m in Clearing, why don’t I have a Clearing number yet?

If your application doesn’t say “You are in Clearing” or “Clearing has started” it might just be waiting for your results to update. UCAS notes that you can also get in touch with universities/colleges if it’s taking a while.

How much does Clearing cost?

If you originally only applied for one course for the reduced fee of £22, you’ll have to pay an additional £4.50 to apply through Clearing.

UCAS Clearing 2022

You might be eligible for Clearing if you didn’t receive any offers from a UK institution. Source: Geoff Robins/AFP

How do I add a Clearing choice?

Go to the “Your choices” section of your application and click “Add Clearing choice”. Then enter the details of the course. Do keep in mind that you should only add a Clearing choice if you’ve been given permission by the university.

How do I reply to a Clearing offer?

You don’t need to reply to a Clearing offer. The university or college that you have applied to will confirm your place once you add them as a choice.

I don’t want my firm choice. Can I use Clearing?

Yes. In the event that you change your mind about a firm choice, you can use the “Decline my place” option in your application.  

My results are better than I expected. Can I use Adjustment?

Adjustment is no longer available from this year onwards. You can, however, decline your place in your application to go through Clearing instead.