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UC Berkeley Global: Welcome to your new online classroom

International student Jinglin Pei from Singapore wanted to grow her business. The key to taking her company to the next level, she felt, lay in tweaking its business model and formulating a high-growth strategy.

To learn how to do this, she chose UC Berkeley Global, the professional and continuing education arm of the famed US university, and enrolled in the Entrepreneurship and Startup Management programme.

With the new “Live Online” learning structure, all she needs is a stable Wi-Fi connection to access world-class teaching.

This is just one of the many perks about her programme Jinglin is quick to highlight.

“There are many advantages to taking online lessons,” says Jinglin.

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“One advantage is that it’s super-flexible because we progress at our own pace and get to reflect on what we’ve learned from UC Berkeley’s lesson recordings.”

UC Berkeley education that suits your schedule

With UC Berkeley Global’s Live Online experience, distance is no longer an obstacle.

If Jinglin has a question about the course material, or if she wants to find out about internships that she can take, her instructors are always available to answer.

“Our professors act as our mentors and coaches by hosting one-to-one meetings online,” says Jinglin.

Sharing the virtual lecture halls with students are Silicon Valley executives. In these insightful guest talks, Jinglin is able to discuss cutting-edge topics and brainstorm with some of the most respected industry figures and peers in the world.

“Online lessons have given me the chance to speak to my peers that I never got the chance to do in my physical lessons,” she remarks.

According to UC Berkeley Industry Fellow and faculty member Stephen Torres, one of the best aspects of his Live Online lessons is that he can bring all he would normally teach in class to an online community.

UC Berkeley

Source: UC Berkeley Global

“It’s really a chance for students to engage both with professors and with other students in a really convenient, flexible and more modern way,” Stephen describes.

Classroom-style interactive learning at your own pace

Before teaching at UC Berkeley, Stephen was the founder of two companies and a CEO for a large clean-tech investor called MyDomino.

He represents the calibre of Live Online instructors and the wealth of industry insight students stand to gain from UC Berkeley Global programmes.

“While some classes are asynchronous—meaning you get to actually take them at your own pace—there are some synchronous aspects, where you get to come into a live class with me or with one of the other great professors here and we talk about things from the outside world,” Stephen explains.

“Plus, you get a chance to still talk with other students. I know in my classes, we’re in teams and we have breakout rooms. We leverage some of the breakout room functionality on our online platforms.”

Live Online’s classroom-style interactive learning includes tools like breakout rooms, which allow you to dig deeper into the course content and conduct a group project with your peers. Instructors also act as mentors by providing personalised feedback and answering all of your questions via email or chat.

UC Berkeley

Source: UC Berkeley Global

Other tools available are the online whiteboards that allow you to visualise the material and online polls that capture student feedback on thought-provoking questions.

You can even view recorded lectures before attending the live class so you can learn the theories and frameworks at your own pace. Then, attend scheduled online sessions that are held in different time zones with your instructor and classmates.

All Live Online classes will have a specific start and end date and instructors deliver course content in interactive video conference sessions so that you can get real-time interaction and instant feedback.

“I hope one day to see you in one of our classes here,” Stephen encourages.

“It’s a great time and it’s a great way to learn a lot of the things that are happening in Silicon Valley right here from the convenience of your own home on your own computer!”

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