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UC Berkeley Global: Make the most of college with this new online programme

Do you plan to start college this Fall?

Our higher education shapes the trajectory of our lives — it pays to start it right with the University of California, Berkeley’s new Live Online Global Program for Freshmen.

The program focuses on high-impact learning, meaningful relationships and individualized coaching.

Running for one semester or one year, this program complements your undergraduate study. You take Berkeley’s academically excellent courses during your Fall 2020 semester and transfer those credits back to your home university. Consider this a ‘study-abroad’ online learning experience.

“Through this new program, you will learn in a fully international, inclusive and diverse student body, and you will create a close-knit community of peers, advisers and faculty,” said UC Berkeley Global admissions adviser Mariam Rahimi in her introductory video.

Examples of the program’s courses include: Critical Issues in Global Studies, Introduction to Biological Anthropology, Introduction to Statistics, Reading and Composition, Introduction to Comparative Politics, Introduction to Human Physiology and more. Many other options are available based on your intended major or subject of interest.

Student mentors and tutors will support you virtually throughout these academically challenging courses. They are always on-hand to answer any queries you have.

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Once you complete this online UC Berkeley Global education experience, you’ll take all of your newfound knowledge back to your undergraduate institution, ready to take on university life.

Connect to a collaborative learning community online

Due to its flexible learning style, you can attend this program from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is sign into your online classes and start the lesson.

“Replicating the in-class experience, the Live Online format fosters community and interaction with peers and your instructor through group projects with real-world relevance,” said Mariam.

Throughout these online sessions, you’ll take part in engaging lectures, collaborate with classmates and instructors, and apply the course material in discussions.

To dig deeper into the course content or work on group projects with your online peers, head to one of the breakout rooms integrated into the program.

There are virtual whiteboards to visualize materials and interactive polls to provide instant feedback on thought-provoking questions.

All UC Berkeley Global instructors use these collaborative tools and deliver course content in interactive video conference sessions that are thoughtfully designed and executed.

“You’ll even learn and interact with students from different countries and industries and establish invaluable, lifelong relationships with classmates from every corner of the world,” said Mariam.

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Source: University of California Berkeley Global

A global network of supportive professors and peers

Just like university, the program’s instructors assign reading materials from a textbook and other mediums such as videos or podcasts. All of these avenues aim to strengthen your knowledge of the subject area.

One such instructor is entrepreneur and UC Berkeley Industry Fellow Stephen Torres.

Like many of the Global Program for Freshmen instructors, Stephen brings a wealth of industry experience to the lessons and practical knowledge that you can take with you to your next study destination.

With live online sessions made up of only 15 to 45 students, Stephen—and any of your instructors—can get to know each student on a more personalized level and tailor the course to their individual needs.

Stephen said, “While some classes are asynchronous — meaning you get to actually take them at your own pace — there are some synchronous aspects, where you get to come into a live class with me or with one of the other great professors here and we talk about things from the outside world.”

By learning alongside a global cohort of professors and peers, you’ll create a lifelong international network that you can always connect to.

UC Berkeley

Source: University of California Berkeley Global

Experience Berkeley-standard education

Since 1868, this US university has been on a mission to bring new knowledge to students across the world.

It’s been a successful quest.

“Today, 24% or 10,000 of our students come from countries outside of the U.S. And these students are coming from 92 different countries across the globe,” said Mariam.

These figures are of no surprise when you see how the university prioritizes the needs of its students.

For instance, the new Berkeley-standard Global Freshmen program is built to fit your study plans.

As the courses correlate with your upcoming undergraduate venture, you can take up to 15 credits of classes each semester that cover key prerequisites from your desired subject area.

Once you have successfully completed these classes, you will be able to transfer course credit to your home institution so that you don’t miss a step toward completing your degree. You’ll also receive a transcript from UC Berkeley Extension, the administrative department of Berkeley Global.

This means you will walk away with a fresh set of transferable skills and an impressive record of achievement from a top five US News and World Report public university for 2020.

You will be more than ready to continue your college adventure.

Meet Mariam and kickstart your future with UC Berkeley Global.

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