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Uniting aspiring business leaders with career-readying Master of Business Administration (MBA) programmes, the University of Bedfordshire Business School (UBBS) understands what global employers expect from today’s generation of graduates.

Recognised for taking its business education, research and practice in imaginative new directions, UBBS is only one of two schools in the UK to recently receive the Business School Impact System (BSIS) award, joining only 37 other BSIS-recognised institutions worldwide.

By being BSIS accredited, the school gets to profile its strengths, improve its societal awareness, and encourage students to think about the impact certain business practices will have on the world around them.

“We’re really trying to delve into some of the great themes that are affecting business and affecting all sorts of organisations in our regional and local economy. And then of course, our own students can tackle some of those problems in the class – making their business education relevant to today’s business world, ” Dr Stephen Barber, the UBBS Director of MBA, explains.

Inspiring students to think outside-the-box and channel their business goals into projects for the greater good, an MBA programme at the University of Bedfordshire isn’t just an academic experience; it’s an innovative adventure that allows you to grow and develop into an agile working professional.

The full-time MBA

Enhancing your business competence and strengthening your confidence and credibility, which is vital to progress to senior management, the Full-Time MBA at UBBS provides you with the relevant capabilities, both practical and theoretical, to master the complexities of a competitive and changing business environment.

Despite being a general MBA programme, you’re offered diverse and distinct core units and optional pathways that will direct you towards your preferred profession.

The foundation of this degree will teach you about sought-after leading and managing organisational resources, the global competitive environment and adequate management practice.

However, you’ll have the freedom to explore corporate innovation and entrepreneurship, project management, digital marketing and communications, digital technology management, international and comparative HRM and business economics.

Upon enrollment, you’ll immediately benefit from the school’s stimulating learning environment and improve your business and management practices both systematically and creatively, relate both hard and soft issues to problem solving and receive the opportunity to undertake advanced studies of organisations, their management and the changing external context in which they operate.

An MBA that enhances your employability, a personal and professional development strand is also included in the course. This initiative has been developed in partnership with the University of Bedfordshire’s Careers and Employability Service and allows you to reflect on the skills and knowledge you may need to accelerate your career and bring value to your current and future employment.

In addition, you’ll have extensive access to networking opportunities, industry insights, social events and presentations provided by the Innovation and Enterprise Service (IES); a vibrant and lively meeting point for business people to share their knowledge and opportunities.

Underpinning research knowledge relating to management, innovation and change in global business environments, this MBA is suitable for anyone who wants their career to flourish in the future world of work.

business school


The Executive MBA and MPA

An alternative route is the Executive Master’s in Business Administration (EMBA) and Master’s in Public Administration (MPA) crossover.

Transforming how you think, lead and deal with uncertainty in a disruptive age, these flagship courses embrace the paradigm shift from control to creativity, from management to leadership, and from process to innovation.

A strategic mix of the MPA and MBA, you’ll benefit from wider perspectives and be open to pursuing a cross-sector career.

Taught part-time over two years with Friday/Saturday delivery, it’s a programme that’s designed to support mid-career professionals, helping them improve their performance and achieve their goals.

Delivered by expert academics and experienced practitioners informed by new ‘Knowledge Communities’, you’ll develop the meta-skills required in today’s economy, whilst developing demonstrable skills for employability through a transformative approach to learning and teaching.

It also includes a Chartered Management Institute Level 7 Diploma Dual Award, but this is subject to approval.

One of the many students that have benefited from the executive MBA experience at Bedfordshire is Jan Lucas.

After graduating from the part-time course, Jan was promoted to a Managing Director in his company, leveraging the skills the school exposed him to.

Confiding in UBBS, Jan states that “Without the MBA I wouldn’t be able to perform in my current role. I am responsible for a number of employees and without the MBA and its focus on leadership, I would have been doomed to fail.”

Bringing together professionals from different backgrounds and industries, Jan enjoyed being part of an international group of students with a range of backgrounds and mentalities.

And that’s why, to alumni like Jan, learning at UBBS means more than just a degree.

It’s a school where you’ll develop new skills and enjoy new experiences that will help you to graduate as a professional, differentiating you from competition.

Plus, with endless social activities, business partnerships and eco-initiatives to be a part of, it’s a school that matches you with agile MBA programmes that best suit your future success.

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