Twenty-five years of excellence at the International Community School (Singapore)

“Two things stand out for us at ICS: the welcoming community and the care the staff demonstrate for our children’s academic, emotional and spiritual well-being.” – Michael and Andrea DeBolt of the ICS parent community

Twenty-five years ago, a diverse group of parents from a range of cultures and backgrounds came together to reach a common goal: to establish a first-rate, Christian school to serve the rising demand for corporate and missionary expat education in Singapore

So, in 1993, this brand-new institution launched its expatriate elementary program under the original name of Christian International School, Ltd. (CIS). Fast-forward two years, and CIS had flourished into a fully-fledged education venture, complete with a reputed high school-level program, and the evolution of the CIS name into the International Community School (Singapore) (ICS). In 1999, ICS was awarded full accreditation by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Now, the School is well and truly thriving, with a diverse population of more than 450 students from 26 nations, as well as 80+ members of faculty and staff. Well-equipped with a biblical perspective and an impressively low student-teacher ratio, ICS successfully delivers an intrinsically American education, urging students to use their talents as engines of inspiration far beyond the classroom walls.

“Despite being at a relatively small school, [our] boys have been able to participate in a way they would not have been able to in a much larger school,” say Amy and Don Weaver, parents to Graham and Ethan, 17 and 15 respectively. Impressed by the School’s esteemed reputation and tight-knit community vibe, the Weaver’s left their home in the US, confident their children would be in safe hands, and have since lived in the region for more than 19-months.

“They have been involved in cross-country, basketball, volleyball and ultimate frisbee,” the parents add. “[Our] older son was involved in the backstage crew for the School plays. These are things that they probably would have shied away from if they were in a larger, more intimidating atmosphere.”

A globalised approach to education means students of all cultures and nationalities are not only welcomed with open arms, but valued and appreciated for every attribute that makes them so unique. Promising a challenging and dynamic education enriched with incomparable opportunities and high student attainment –  with more than 85 percent of graduates gain admittance to prestigious US universities – ICS nurtures rewarding partnerships between its staff and students, all the while encouraging students to forge relationships that transcend all ethnic boundaries and set grade levels. Above all else, this approach shows students the benefits of breaking through presumptuous societal conventions, instilling a valuable international perspective that embodies both a social and professional advantage.

“ICS provides a safe environment for students to learn and try new things…” say Jeremy and Kimiko Crestetto, fellow parents, also originally from the US. “Teachers and coaches focus on character development of the children as well as their academic and spiritual growth,” the parents explain.

“We learned of ICS through our employer’s school liaison officer, who provided us a list of schools in Singapore. We decided to enrol our children based on the Christian worldview espoused by the School and its positive reputation.”

Striving for excellence in every avenue – be it academic, social or personal development – ICS allows its students to surpass expectations in every aspect of their lives. By living, learning and collaborating among like-minded peers, students support and represent the thriving ICS community, using skills and knowledge they’ve gained to positively influence the world.

The School’s heavy involvement in annual community service projects, working alongside ministries in Cambodia, Malaysia, India, the Philippines, and throughout the rest of Southeast Asia, teaches students the rewards of selfless altruism, but also significantly contributes to the students’ universal outlook – something that is incredibly valuable in an increasingly globalised world.

Holistically educating young, ambitious and aspiring minds through a curriculum steeped in excellence, ICS has the power to shape the long and successful futures of your children, empowering them with the tools needed to navigate an increasingly complex, connected global society. Armed with the principles of intellect, integrity, and community, ICS graduates leave ready to impact the world.

“We would highly recommend ICS to new families in Singapore who are searching for a school to call home,” say Michael and Andrea DeBolt. “It’s a place where we can entrust our children’s holistic wellbeing to teachers and staff who truly care for them for who they are – God’s precious children.”

Nestled in a nation that’s celebrating its 52nd year as an independent state, there’s never been a better time to invest in your child’s education with the International Community School (Singapore.)

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