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Transform your career with game-changing MBA programmes at DeGroote School of Business

A programme that enhances your marketability as a professional and increases the quality and quantity of job opportunities — that’s what Camilo Peron hoped for when searching for an MBA. And he found it at McMaster University’s DeGroote School of Business.

For Peron, the Full-time MBA with Co-op was the best option for him to advance his career as it had “the longest running and biggest MBA with Co-op in Canada” and “the best cost-benefit among other business schools.” Combining classroom education and paid work terms not only gave him valuable industry experience but also the opportunity to grow in both soft and hard skills.

“During the internships, I could develop hard skills and add valuable credentials and experiences to my resume,” he says. “For the academic part, I not only got more in-depth knowledge in my area of expertise, but also had exposure and got information in business areas that I never had an opportunity before. I definitely developed my presentation skills and job interview skills as well.”

Located in safe, inclusive and highly-esteemed Canada, McMaster University is ranked 33rd in the world and seventh in a country known for the quality of its education system (Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2023). MBA programmes here boast a remarkable 95% employability rate, with graduates of the Class of 2022 securing jobs within three months.

This impressive rate is possible thanks to the school’s Career and Professional Development (CPD) team. CPD collaborates with the MBA students, providing in-person and digital services, including personalised career coaching, industry expertise, networking with alumni and corporate partners, mentorship activities, and more. As a result, students can easily expand their skills, potential, and career opportunities.

Peron credits the CPD team for helping him to hone his skills and begin a successful career. “I got internships in world-class companies because I had the right coaching, Resume and Cover Letter preparation, mock interviews, and feedback that I needed during the recruiting processes,” he says.

Here are four game-changing MBA programmes offered at DeGroote School of Business:

Transform your career with game-changing MBA programmes at DeGroote School of BusinessKeyword: DeGroote School of Business

Fourteen countries are represented in the Full-Time MBA with Co-op programme cohort. Source: DeGroote School of Business

Full-Time MBA with Co-op

The Full-time MBA with Co-op programme caters to fresh graduates who lack work experience but are eager to pursue an MBA and gain industry insights. For the September 2022 cohort, the average years of work experience were two years, with 14 countries represented. Class size is 118, split equally in terms of gender (49% of the class identifies as female).

This programme blends traditional classroom education with three fully-paid work terms, allowing students to work in leading organisations for up to 12 months. In 2022, the secure rate for co-op terms ranged from 96% to 100%, with CA$44,300 average co-op earnings over three work terms.

“The programme alongside the three co-op terms offers the perfect blend of an educational background through real-life business problems and case studies, while applying those learnings to your co-op terms,” says graduate Noor Alfalah.

DeGroote School of Business

Canada and the DeGroote School of Business extend a warm welcome to international students from all backgrounds. Source: DeGroote School of Business

Full-Time MBA

The Full-Time MBA programme helps students to jumpstart their careers or break into a new industry. Here, students can apply for work experience through their degrees. The dedicated CPD team supports and guides students in their search for meaningful opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Just ask Nicolas Jaramillo Martinez who hails from Bogota. He comes from an engineering background and a country where English is not spoken as the first language. Initially, he was anxious and held doubts about fitting into the programme. However, those concerns quickly dissipated once he embarked on his full-time MBA programme.

“Our students, staff and alumni were the essential aspects which made me choose DeGroote over other academic institutions. From the beginning, when I was deciding where to pursue my MBA programme, I found a special bond with the DeGroote community,” Martinez says.

Martinez will soon be an incoming Consultant at KPMG. He credits the MBA programme, which can be completed in under two years, for opening new doors and intellectually stimulating him through a rigorous curriculum. “The MBA programme exposes you to challenging situations where you learn to make better decisions and determine future leadership,” he says.

Apart from the two full-time MBA programmes, students can also consider two other options: Blended Learning Part-Time and Executive MBA.

For working professionals, the Blended Learning Part-Time MBA offers a balanced approach. Executives can apply classroom learning directly to the workplace, with adaptable courses. This programme combines online and weekend residencies, making it the most convenient way to advance your career while completing your MBA. The Executive MBA in Digital Transformation is a 14-month programme that focuses on equipping executives with the tools, resources, and knowledge to lead their companies through digital disruption.

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