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Touro College Graduate School of Business: Smaller commitment, quick ROI

At the age of 41, Irvin Knight left his island home of Dominica and everything he knew in search of the American Dream. He began working as a residential mortgage specialist. Shortly after, the housing market went bust, and Knight was forced to change career paths.

He decided to enroll at Touro College as a finance major, eventually graduating Summa Cum Laude. Although now backed with a solid qualification, Knight somehow knew his journey was far from over. He was hooked on the “practical and positive aspect of every single class” the college had to offer, so he decided to further his education at Touro College Graduate School of Business (GSB).

All it took was a class in business strategy, and researching the theory of uncontested market spaces outlined in the book, “Blue Ocean Strategy,” for him to identify his life’s calling. Knight’s idea was to propel companies to become leaders in their class by drawing non-customers into their space, offering differentiation and low cost through economies of scale. This is exactly what he is doing today with Zicacque Capital, a company well on its way to securing a team of consultants with millions in revenue.

“Touro’s programmes prepare students for careers and real-world interaction,” he enthuses. “I learned about all aspects of finance and I’ve been mentored by experienced professionals every step of the way.”

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, The World Economic Forum has recently stressed on the need for entrepreneurs like Knight. “Entrepreneurship has taken a lead role in developing contact tracing apps, repurposing factories to manufacture ventilators and PPE, creating makeshift hospitals, and accelerating the search for a vaccine,” says the World Economic Forum.

To get involved, a master’s degree can help, but for those without the funds or time, there’s another alternative: a graduate certificate. The benefits of this offering and how it can aptly develop a new generation of leaders is something Touro College GSB knows too well.

Touro College Graduate School of Business

New York is known to be a rich academic environment, home to some of the biggest organisations in the world. Source: Touro College

Here, anyone can gain a qualification that will set them apart. Established in 1971, accredited by the Middle States Association, lessons here go beyond textbooks and theory. Touro students gain practical, streetsmart training directly from industry experts who double as professors.

Gaining this knowledge in the cultural and economic capital of the world doesn’t hurt either. New York is known to be a rich academic environment, home to some of the biggest organisations in the world. Bustling surroundings make Touro College GSB the perfect destination for those looking to experience and network their way to entrepreneurial success. What’s more, several industries here are booming, and Touro has the advanced certificate programmes to match.

The Advanced Certificate in Real Estate Entrepreneurship is a prime example. The industry is thriving as one of the country’s most lucrative, and GSB is a leading provider of professional real estate education in the New York metropolitan area.

The curriculum comprises five courses in: Real Estate Sales, Marketing and Entrepreneurship; A New Era of Professionalism; Negotiation and Conflict Resolution; Real Estate Law, Ethics and Practice; Real Estate Financing & Credit Markets; and Strategic Management. Upon completion, all 15 credits accumulated can be transferred toward an MBA in General Management or International Business Finance. Alternatively, nine could apply to the MBA in Human Resource Management or six credits into the MBA with a concentration in either Entrepreneurship, Healthcare, Forensic Accounting or Marketing.

The Advanced Certificate in Human Resource Management develops experts who are equally in-demand. After all, these professionals identify and maximise an organisation’s most valuable assets: human talent. To create them, the school offers coursework in business foundation and personnel management systems; employment law; ethics and accountability; and change management.

Furthermore, this business-based, practitioner-oriented certificate was designed to meet the highest standards of human resource management practices — set by the Society for Human Resources Management®. With the 15 credits earned, completers will be able to transfer them toward an MS in Human Resource Management; while 12 could go to an MBA in Human Resource Management.

Touro College Graduate School of Business

Certificates are especially ideal for undergraduates looking to advance their careers with an achievable stepping stone. Source: Touro College

Touro College GSB also boasts a wealth of experience in healthcare education. Home to four medical schools, four schools of health sciences, two pharmacy schools, and a dental school — there’s no better way for students to gain foundational knowledge than with an Advanced Certificate in Healthcare Management. This 15-credit course covers healthcare management trends and issues, ethics, financial management, and informatics — all the necessities for an advanced career, an MBA with a specialisation in Healthcare Management, or the Master’s in Healthcare Management.

These routes are especially ideal for undergraduates looking to advance their careers with an achievable stepping stone. Across programmes, students will be able to enjoy access to the school’s broad range of industry resources, intimate classrooms, flexible modules, affordable rates, and on-site career centre.

Students can participate, receive training, and possibly obtain funding in the New York Business Plan Competition, where this year, two students –– achieving first and second place plus a small monetary award –– advanced to the final, state-wide round. One of them emerged victorious, winning the “Social Entrepreneurship Award.” The school also hosts the Women’s Entrepreneurship Week Celebration and the Moonshot Scholars Programme.

These and more collectively provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the toolkit they need to succeed in the fields of their dreams. Eager to learn more? Find out how you can begin your journey to disruptive business leadership here.