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Torrens University Australia: World-class online education that launches careers

Kritika Jain began her professional journey as a dentist in India, with a deep commitment to protect human rights. By then, she was also a certified pranic healer, a DMIT (Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test) Consultant and neuro linguistic programming practitioner — still, she sought to make a greater impact on the world. While researching her options, Torrens University caught her attention. It offered an industry-leading online learning platform, which she is currently using to broaden her horizons.

“In this era of digitalisation, it has been a great opportunity to learn and interact virtually,” says the Master of Public Health (Advanced) student. “Trainers, tutors and success coaches are supportive and cooperative in every possible manner. Our facilitator updates us regularly with emails regarding classes, assessments, and most importantly, clarifying any doubts we may have.”

Torrens University has years of experience in delivering online education. As “a university that’s everywhere you need it be,” it is flexible and accessible, with an extensive lineup of programmes: Business, Design, Hospitality, Health, Education, Technology, Sports Management, Project Management, English, Nursing, and postgraduate research.

Students all over the world are facing disruption in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. By allowing students to begin online and finish on-site, Torrens University offers an opportunity to keep your plans on track.

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Virtual classes are live – making it easier for students to connect with their educators and peers in real time. An added perk is that materials are available 24/7, on any device with an internet connection. With this flexible structure, students achieve the same as those on campus before eventually continuing their journey alongside 19,000 students from 118 different countries – spread across campuses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Leura in NSW, Auckland, and even Suzhou in China. Each Torrens University campus has its unique benefits, but all work towards the same goal: to ensure students graduate employable.

Torrens University nurtures students into professionals well before they even enter the workforce. Industry placements are combined with work-integrated learning throughout programmes – both of which provide hands-on opportunities and experiential training. To achieve this, students are paired with some of the most prestigious organisations across Australia and around the world. As of today, the university has over 3,600 industry connections.

Torrens University

Source: Torrens University

Liane Peixoto chose Torrens University for this exposure. After achieving a degree in business administration and obtaining a fair amount of professional experience in Brazil, she knew it was the place to secure an upper hand.

“I was looking for a good quality university that had a master’s degree aimed at the professional market, allowing me to get the best out of myself during the course so that I can become an increasingly qualified professional and stand out professionally,” she says.

The Torrens University approach produces outstanding outcomes — over 90% of graduates secure a job within just a year of completion. Learn more here to find out how you can begin a fulfilling journey that will help you secure a career you love.

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