Torrens University Australia: Blazing the trail for innovative education
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Torrens University Australia: Blazing the trail for innovative education

As part of Australia’s most dynamic and fastest-growing university, Torrens University Australia is a hub of industry-centred, cutting edge learning. Their blended approach to course delivery offers the best of both worlds, giving students the opportunity to combine online study with lessons at one of their campuses across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

The approach to course flexibility at Torrens University Australia is second to none, with a solid online-study option that still includes regular ‘touch-point’ sessions with lecturers for face-to-face feedback. Torrens University Australia  is a sound choice for international students for this very reason, not forgetting the merits of its additional employability skill classes and Course Advisors that assist with orientation, careers, and a wide array of internships.

“The online experience has exceeded my expectations. I did not feel isolated. Instead I became part of a student community that felt real, with the added benefit of flexibility,” says Catherine Conradie, who went on to graduate in 2015 with Master of Education (Reading & Literacy).



Torrens University Australia actively demonstrates its understanding of the diverse needs of today’s students, and has evolved a tailor-made approach to education that has resulted in each of its campuses becoming centres of excellence in their specified subjects. Torrens University Australia’s Headquarters at the Victoria Square Campus in Adelaide boasts ultra-modern study areas and ‘chillpods’, as well as course engagement in the local area as part of their Public Health courses.

Those interested in Hospitality Management make home-base at Leura Campus in Sydney, which offers hotel-style accommodation for practical, simulated learning. The facilities also include three restaurants and one fine-dining option, a games room, and various sports courts for an immersive educational experience in the hotel industry.

Torrens University Australia’s Sydney campuses are home to the university’s English programmes, such as the Direct Entry Programme, the English for Academic Purposes Programme and the General English Programme, all specifically-designed to give Torrens University Australia’s international students the language skills they need in order to pursue world-class higher education in Australia.

The university’s cutting-edge campuses are equally as plush and outfitted by subjects, and every location is situated in the hub of local city: a crucial element to a university that teaches courses in the people-centric spheres of Business, Design, Education, English, Health, Hospitality Management, Project Management, Sports Management, and Higher Research projects. The courses cater to people at all levels of higher education, covering Diplomas right the way through to Doctorates.



Integrated learning is a huge part of Torrens University Australia, as it is a member of The Laureate International Universities, an integrated linkage of over 70 universities in 25 countries with more than 1,000,000 students worldwide.  Many Laureate institutions are ranked among the top providers of higher education in their respective regions, countries and fields and have received international recognition for their academic quality.

This co-operative nature of study promotes intercultural relationships with other schools, as well as provides a wealth of support from employers and experience-based lecturers. The exciting benefits include student networking and forming resource partnerships with other institutions, like the Chifley Business School and the Media Design School, ranked #1 internationally for their Graphic Design and Photography courses.

“It’s a very exciting time to be a part of Torrens University as it establishes its presence as part of a global network of education, which is focused around the business of education and about providing the right environment for our students to flourish,” says Professor Justin Beilby, Vice Chancellor at Torrens University Australia, and qualified General Practitioner who has led academic developments of new Medical and Nursing Schools in South Australia over the course of his career.

Despite its recently established status, Torrens University Australia is proving popular among its student base as they also believe it offers a unique and crucially formative experience.



The teaching style at Torrens University Australia frequently hands the wheels to the students, as a method of encouraging a self-made approach to learning. The campuses’ deliberately open designs and inclusive network of alumni and students ‘promote collaboration and engagement’, so new students can expect to meet a plethora of helpful and fully-involved people for the duration of their studies. This is especially helpful as Torrens University Australia employs small class sizes across all its courses, in order to maximise the one-on-one tuition time and individualised access to professional resources.

Accelerated learning is another avant-garde innovation on offer that allows students to condense subjects, so a three-year Bachelor degree course could be completed in just two years. This relaxed attitude to learning structure also extends to course changes and Dual Degrees, allowing students to change their specialisation and even undertake a second. At Torrens University Australia, this is called ‘maximising your professional credentials’. These opportunities give students that often much-needed control of the pace of their learning, so they can adjust accordingly and get the best they possibly can from their course.

Torrens University Australia is steadily creating a name for itself in revolutionising pro-active, student-led learning that rejects the one-size-fits-all standard prevalent in the realms of Higher Education. Its students are thriving under industry-savvy tuition and relaxed course delivery, and they embrace the benefits of an integrated university that greatly invests in their futures.

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