Top 5 reasons to attend Stoneleigh-Burnham School
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Top 5 reasons to attend Stoneleigh-Burnham School

Celebrating 150 years of girls’ education, Stoneleigh-Burnham School (SBS) is a girls’ grade 7-12 and postgraduate boarding and day school, nestled in the picturesque Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts.

A school that encourages leadership, responsibility and creativity, students believe that Stoneleigh-Burnham School is a place where you can be different and yet still accepted, with genuine faculty, staff and learners who support you no matter what.

Every day, SBS students are challenged within their classes and encouraged to try new things.

Promoting strong female leadership, it’s a school that offers diverse academic activities and empowering experiential opportunities.

So, if you’re wondering what it is that makes Stoneleigh-Burnham School stand out from the rest, here are five reasons to choose SBS and its transformative learning experience:

  1. SBS girls are go-getters

Stoneleigh Burnam School

At SBS, girls are go-getters!

Encouraged to take charge of their aspirations, SBS students hold all the roles of leadership; they’re captains of teams, leads in the plays and they aren’t afraid to excel in their classes.

Where voices are heard loud and clear, this is a school in which learners take risks every day in and outside of the classroom.

A recent study found that girls’ school graduates have higher levels of self-confidence in their science-related skills compared to female graduates of co-ed schools, and are far more likely to enter STEM fields.

When compared to female graduates of co-ed schools, the report also found that girls’ school graduates had greater confidence in their ability to use technical science skills, to understand scientific concepts, to generate research questions, to explain the results of a study and to determine how to collect appropriate data.

By easing the transition into university and employment through an amplified sense of confidence, an all-girls education at SBS has numerous advantages.

  1. A global community of compassionate learners

Stoneleigh Burnham School

SBS welcome girls from 15 states in the US and 12 countries across the globe – and this number keeps on growing!

As a global community, Stoneleigh-Burnham School believes that living and learning with people from many different cultures makes students stronger, more compassionate and all-round more interesting people!

Enhancing cross-cultural awareness, American students benefit from international students and vice versa.

With a curriculum dedicated to learning on a global level, each student leaves SBS with an expanded worldview and appreciation for how similar people are in this world, despite their differences.

At SBS, students are always welcome to share their favorite traditions in the dorms; from spicy ramen noodle challenges to immersive presentations in which students share customs, dance, food and games from their home countries. There’s always something fun happening here!

  1. Introducing the benefits of the IB

Stoneleigh Burnham School

SBS is proud to offer the globally recognised International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)!

Did you know that this is the first and only all-girls boarding school in the region to offer the IBDP?

Whether students choose to go for the full diploma, obtain an IB certificate, or just take a few IB classes, there is something to suit everyone’s learning style and academic goals.

The IB is highly respected at colleges and universities all over the world and learners may even get some credit for college by participating in this programme.

Above all, though, the IB celebrates global communities and allows students to acquire different perspectives, critical for SBS girls to thrive in the future worlds of work.

  1. Horses!

Stoneleigh-Burnham School

For all the equestrian enthusiasts out there – this could be the thing that sways you most towards SBS.

As you enter the long and winding road to the SBS campus, you’ll immediately be greeted by 30+ campus horses hanging out in their state-of-the-art equestrian facility.

Every rider, from beginner to advanced, receives personalised instruction that reflects her interests, goals and abilities.

Licensed coaches provide instruction tailored to all levels with training in equitation, hunters, jumpers, eventing, dressage and equine studies. Plus, Stoneleigh-Burnham School is the only secondary school in the US to offer British Horse Society Certification.

And even if you’re not a rider, you’re welcome to pet the SBS horses anytime!

  1. Cookies & Community

Stoneleigh-Burnham School

Yes, you read that right – SBS has the best chocolate chip cookies in the world!

Although this shouldn’t be the only reason to choose this boarding school, it’s still important to let you know.

Realistically, the cookies are only a part of what makes SBS such a remarkable community. Just like at home, their girls experience the care and comfort of a true family environment.

This includes wonderful house parents and families living in the same dorm hallway as the girls, and teachers who spend time on the weekends hosting trips to the mall, skiing, swimming at local lakes, ice cream runs, music, movies, s’mores, and so much more!

Studying in a caring community also means that students get to live with their best friends (and have sleepovers every night) while attending school.

So if a global family of IB innovators, cookie creators, equestrian enthusiasts and strong female leaders sounds like a brilliant boarding school to attend, contact Stoneleigh-Burnham School today to find out more! 

School representatives will be on the road in October and November – click here to find out whether they’ll be visiting your city.

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