Top 4 universities for aerospace and mechanical engineering postgraduate programmes

Source: Carleton University
Source: Carleton University

Engineers play a crucial role in shaping the world we live in, using their expertise to design state-of-the-art technologies and establish sustainable infrastructures. The extensive range within their field uncovers a multitude of employment prospects, making engineering an enticing career choice — one that’s poised to withstand the test of time. Even amidst our continuously changing job landscape, the call for skilled engineers remains unwavering and enduring. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 140,000 new engineering roles are set to be created by 2026 solely within the country. 

Aerospace and mechanical engineers are poised to snap many of them — alongside being at the forefront of designing and building the next generation of aircraft, spacecraft, and launch vehicles. They’re part of pioneering systems and new technologies across the biomedical, computer, and automotive sectors. They facilitate our forays into space and oceans, enable global transportation of people and goods, and foster worldwide communication. They are solving the problems of today and tomorrow.

To join them, start by upskilling with a postgraduate programme from the universities below: 

Carleton University

Diverse research. Professional development. Faculty expertise. Supportive environment. These are just a handful of factors that establish Carleton University as the ideal destination for those seeking a grad school that can shape their future based on their specific study and research interests.

Carleton University’s research-intensive Faculty of Engineering and Design, a leader within Canada and beyond, offers one of the most extensive ranges of engineering and design programmes in the country. The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering holds the distinction of introducing Canada’s pioneering Aerospace Programme. Currently, it boasts PhD programmes in Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering as well.

Here, the atmosphere buzzes with diverse and active research by 45 research professors and over 250 graduate students. They’re focused on applications in aerospace, mechanical, materials, sustainable and renewable energy, as well as biomedicine. Situated in the heart of Canada’s capital city, Carleton is uniquely positioned to foster collaborative ventures with government research laboratories such as NRC and NRCan. Generous tuition bursaries for outstanding international PhD students ensure there’s no shortage of talent to add to the mix of ideas here. A collaborative joint Graduate Institute with the University of Ottawa brings more programme options, and opportunities to work with researchers within and beyond the country.

With such features, a Carleton Master of Engineering or PhD programme enhances one’s employability and provides a critical first step to joining Canada’s workforce. Throughout the programme, students engage with cutting-edge research, refine their technical expertise, and deepen their understanding of engineering disciplines while working on their professional skills. These include project management and communication. Click here to learn more about Carleton University and its programmes.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology‘s College of Engineering is home to eight departments: aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering, chemical and biomolecular engineering, civil and environmental engineering, electrical and computer engineering, industrial and systems engineering, materials science and engineering and mechanical engineering. Each does more than offer ABET-accredited undergraduate and graduate degree programmes — they transform students into engineers equipped with the necessary tools to tackle modern challenges anywhere in the world. 

The aerospace engineering and mechanical engineering schools are ranked first and second respectively by the US News & World Report 2022. The National Institute of Aerospace (NIA) recognised the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering as the #1 producer of aerospace master’s and doctoral graduates in the country. This comes as no surprise given the programmes’ integration of classroom, lab, and research experiences provide students with skills needed for today’s aerospace industry. 

As one of the nation’s oldest and largest aerospace programmes, the school focuses on fostering problem-solving abilities and preparing graduates for successful careers with leading aerospace companies and research labs. Students gain expertise in engineering fundamentals and specialised areas like aerodynamics, structures, flight mechanics, avionics, propulsion, and aerospace system design.At the George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering graduate students have an exceptional research environment under the direction of world-class faculty at the cutting edge of their fields. Among the programmes offered here are MS in Mechanical Engineering (MSME), PhD in Mechanical Engineering and many more.

San Diego State University

San Diego State University (SDSU) is a nationally-recognised educational leader and a growing research powerhouse. Its College of Engineering is the fastest-growing of SDSU’s seven colleges and the oldest College of Engineering in San Diego. For over 50 years, its wide range of degrees and programmes blend rigorous and project-based curricula to educate a diverse group of students.

“Our graduates are innovators and professionals who serve and fuel the economic and technological development of Southern California and regions beyond,” says Eugene A. Olevsky, Dean of the College of Engineering. “We instil critical thinking in our graduates to recognise human and societal needs; design innovative, sustainable engineering solutions; embrace an international perspective; and create value through entrepreneurial efforts.”

The SDSU Aerospace Engineering Department provides comprehensive education and training in the principles of aerospace engineering, focusing on cutting-edge practices that highlight effective problem-solving, collaborative teamwork, and ethical engineering conduct. To ensure students benefit from a high-quality research programme, SDSU collaborates with the aerospace industry, US national labs and professional aerospace societies to address current and emerging challenges.

Students seeking to upskill or reskill can opt for the Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering. Upon completion of the programme, graduates will be able to use advanced analytical and experimental techniques essential for resolving complex engineering challenges. They will also possess a wide-ranging knowledge base that cultivates an understanding of and proficiency in interdisciplinary problem-solving methods. 

Purdue University

Founded in 1869, Purdue University, a top-ranked public university in West Lafayette, Indiana, is renowned for its rigorous and experiential programmes that prepare students for successful careers.

The School of Aeronautics and Astronautics and School of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University are exemplary of this. Home to the fourth-best engineering graduate programme in the US, the latter has gained a reputation for pushing the boundaries of knowledge in the field – making a real impact on the world in the process. The former ranks fifth in US News and World Report’s list of top aerospace graduate programs. It offers various study options including MS non-thesis, Professional MS with Engineering Leadership focus, MS thesis, and PhD programmes, available on campus and through distance learning.

For professionals looking to elevate their potential in mechanical engineering, they can opt for a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME) or PhD Programme in Mechanical Engineering. 

Finding the right career is a journey — one that Purdue students get plenty of help with from day one through graduation and beyond. The Professional Development Centre ensures each student has a personalised career planning framework, exposure to campus and corporate research tools, and support to identify areas for bolstering leadership, networking and functional skill sets. Through counselling, job search resources and on-campus recruiting services, the centre guides students on how to perfect resumes, master interviews and more.

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