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Top 3 reasons to choose Linden Hall

Founded in 1746, Linden Hall is the oldest all-girls boarding and day school in the US — older than the country itself. Committed to fostering academic excellence and a strong sense of community, the school has upheld its mission for over 275 years.

At Linden Hall, girls in grades 6–12 as well as postgraduates embark on a comprehensive and multifaceted college-preparatory journey, each one guided to reach her highest capabilities. Talented girls of all aspirations are welcome to join the student family. Each application is evaluated as it is submitted, on a “rolling” basis, and students can qualify for admission throughout the year.

Upon joining Linden Hall, girls collaborate, grapple with big ideas, and innovate to make the world better — all while having fun. They embrace a variety of interests that inspire them to explore the arts, sports, STEM, or riding — many of them at world-class levels.

Such achievements are possible thanks to the following combination of factors unique to Linden Hall:

Linden Hall

Linden Hall students love to explore the over 75 shops and restaurants in historic downtown Lititz. Source: Linden Hall

1. Ideal location in a quintessential American small town

Linden Hall’s picturesque 49-acre campus in Lititz, Pennsylvania, welcomes students from over 20 countries and territories, creating a diverse and cosmopolitan atmosphere. This rich tapestry of cultures not only enriches social interactions but also equips students with essential insights into a globalised world. It’s a foundation that prepares the girls to become future leaders on the world stage.

Nestled in an ideal location within easy reach by car or train of the vibrant cultural hubs of Baltimore, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., Linden Hall is the perfect launch base for exploring events in major metropolitan areas. Furthermore, downtown Lititz, “America’s Coolest Small Town”, is family friendly, safe, and walkable — perfect for students to enjoy leisurely strolls or discover any of the town’s 75 shops and restaurants.

2. Discovering passions with signature programmes

Linden Hall offers several signature programmes that allow girls to hone their unique interests and aspirations.

For those with a passion for equestrian pursuits, the campus boasts an on-site barn that houses 19 horses. A year-round competitive training schedule ensures that riders with varying aspirations and skill levels can find their niche at Linden Hall, whether they aim to compete internationally or simply deepen their bond with horses.

The school supports four competition teams that actively participate in Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) shows. Moreover, the programme boasts a track record of producing National Champion IEA riders. Opportunities abound in dressage and jumping, making Linden Hall a destination for all types of equestrian enthusiasts.

Those who like to fly high can do so quite literally through the aviation programme. Indeed, students can earn their private pilot’s licence at a nearby local airport in partnership with Aero-Tech Services Incorporated (ATS). This course of study is known as “Ground School.”

In the aviation programme, students utilize an FAA-certified online curriculum to independently learn the basic principles of flight required to pass the FAA private pilot written exam — an endeavour that also fulfils a Linden Hall science credit. Whether they’re a hobbyist exploring new horizons or an aspiring aviation professional, the school’s aviation programme paves the way for students’ futures in the skies.

Linden Hall

Dual enrolment offers the opportunity for students to take college courses while enrolled at Linden Hall. Source: Linden Hall

To help students get a head start at university, Linden Hall’s dual-enrolment programme allows girls to take college courses while still in high school. These college credits not only contribute towards high school graduation but are also widely accepted by colleges and universities. Current available courses include Information Technology, Computer Science, and Applied Mathematical Reasoning.

3. Exceptional college counselling leads to great outcomes

Linden Hall takes pride in its highly individualised college-counselling programme. Each student benefits from one-to-one guidance and mentorship provided by a dedicated Director of College Counselling. The programme’s primary goal is to assist students in identifying colleges or universities that align with their academic and professional aspirations.

Linden Hall’s comprehensive counselling initiative begins early, catering to students at all grade levels, and intensifies during the junior and senior years. The result? Class of 2023 alumnae now attend prestigious institutions such as the US Military Academy at West Point, Columbia University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Wellesley College. Other students go on to achieve Fulbright and Rhodes Scholarships, Nobel Prize accolades, recognition in the world of acting and music, groundbreaking research at NASA, and many other accomplishments.

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