This country is home to the world's most respected teachers
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As former American child prodigy, Adora Svitak once said: “Any good teacher knows how important it is to connect with students and understand our culture.”

But being a teacher isn’t always an easy job.

Their day doesn’t end once the school bell rings. After you’ve left the classroom, your teacher has to tidy up your desks, prepare for tomorrow’s lessons and to mark today’s work.

Now, for the emotional part…

Teachers also have to keep you motivated to study, support your career ambitions and keep a close eye on your academic development.

Often, this work gets overlooked by watchful parents and the local education authorities.

You can find innovative teachers all over the world. Source: Tribesh Kayastha/Unsplash

There’s no doubt that incredible teachers are everywhere. In every country and every classroom, you will find educators who are eager to broaden student minds.

Teachers undeniably deserve respect from their learners, but which country plays host to the world’s most respected teachers?

According to The Global Teacher Status Index 2018 by London-based charity, the Varkey Foundation, the answer is China, with second place going to teachers in Malaysia.

The study found that in Europe and Latin America, student attitudes towards teaching staff are far more negative than those of students in Asia and the Middle East. It also found that half of the Chinese families surveyed were likely to sway their children towards the teaching profession.

Vikas Pota, Chairman of the Varkey Foundation, believes these results accurately reflect the respect and admiration the Chinese public has for its teachers.

As he states, “Five years after the first Global Teacher Status Index in 2013, we can see, once again, China has come top.”

The second place survey champion, Malaysia, is unlikely to come as a surprise given its current status evolving hub for international education.

But why are reports like this important?

For Pota, “Raising teacher status is vital to attracting good teachers and keeping them in the profession. It is teachers, after all, who will shape the next generation and they hold our futures in their hands.”

These surveys also help other countries improve the treatment of teachers and spread the culture of respect.

After all, teachers help international students evolve into ambitious learners with the power to succeed and the confidence to live overseas.

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