This company is transforming students into full-time Christmas elves
Experience life as a Christmas Elf! Source: Nicole Honeywill/Unsplash

Have you ever wanted to visit Lapland but lack the funds to do so?

If so, one company is about to make you very happy.

Celebrate your love of Christmas in style! Source: Giphy

As Thrillest explains, “The Finnish travel company Lapland Safaris is hiring full-time elves to spread cheer throughout the frigid Scandinavian country for the course of the Christmas season, and you might be just the little vessel of yuletide merriment they’re looking for.”

As an international student, the Christmas break can get a little lonely as your fellow colleagues rush back to their family homes to enjoy the season.

If you’re studying in Europe, or somewhere close to Lapland, this may be the travel adventure you were hoping to find.

According to the job listing, the role is for applicants who are:

  • Energetic, outgoing and positive
  • Have impeccable customer skills
  • Comfortable working in an international environment
  • Demonstrate excellent English communication skills (French/Spanish/German also a plus)
  • Someone who LOVES Christmas!

So, if you’re searching for a job that will add a little festive joy, fill up your bank account and one that will provide you with the perfect Christmas getaway, this could be perfect for you!


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Time for lunch! Reindeer are always ready for food 🙂

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The role runs all the way through to January 2019, starting with an intense training session. If you’re interested, apply now and fill your Christmas study break with festive cheer!

For inspiration, check out this bunch of Lapland Safari elf graduates. Perhaps this could be you!

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