This AI bot can boost both your language and study skills
Improve your study skills with this AI Bot. Source: Shutterstock

Most universities give students the chance to take at least one semester abroad.

If you’re an international student currently studying in the UK, for example, you’re situated next to the diverse study hub of Europe. From the architectural street scenes of Italy to the artistic and intellectual legacy of Austria, who knows where your course could lead?

Alternatively, student societies tend to run spring, summer or autumn trips abroad to promote unity and encourage global learners to make the most of their study abroad adventure.

So whether it’s a ski trip in the Swiss Alps or a charity trip to Mount Kilimanjaro, it might be time to refine your communication skills and commit to learning a new language.

Say hello to the conversational AI bot

Designed by Duolingo, this interactive bot runs on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is designed to converse with you in a language of your choice.

Ideal for those taking a short-term study trip abroad, the bot will help you to enhance your time-management skills by scheduling daily lessons, as well as your communication skills as you master a new dialect and add to your existing vocabulary.

Virtual Language Tutors

So far, Duolingo has created ‘Chef Roberto’. Described as a ‘legendary’ pizza maker, students are warned to be careful about insulting his culinary creations.

‘Renée the Driver’ is the bot you can speak to about what you should see and where you should go.

And the third virtual language tutor is ‘Officer Ada’. As the app explains, “From protecting and serving to teaching languages, Ada does it all.”

The more you practice with your language bots, the smarter they will get. As soon as the conversation starts to flow, you’ll start upgrading your skills.

It’s completely free!

Unless you want to upgrade to the Duolingo Plus scheme, an ad-free experience that allows you to download lessons for offline use, you can download the original version of this app without any extra cost.

By removing that anxiety attached to language barriers, the Duolingo AI bot keeps you motivated to learn.

Not only will this interactive application teach you valuable study skills and keep you moving forward in a set time frame, it will also help you immerse yourself in your university’s international community.

If peers on your course come from all over the world, the AI bot can help you converse with them and connect on a personal level.

You never know where this AI bot could take you, so why not try it for free and see if your communication skills improve?

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