These are the 5 healthiest universities in the UK
An increasing number of UK university students are looking for more health and well-being facilities at universities. Source: Shutterstock

In the UK, increasing numbers of students are staying away from the traditional culture of binge-drinking, clubbing and unhealthy eating.

A study conducted by the National Union of Students revealed that one in five students (21 percent) didn’t drink at uni, while a quarter wanted more alcohol-free social events.

So which are the best universities for health-conscious students? has the answer.

The student accommodation search engine recently ranked the UK’s best universities for supporting healthier student lifestyles, taking a look at the health, fitness, and wellness activities and amenities offered to students, as well as the cost for accessing these services.

Managing Director and Founder of, Dan Roberts said, “For so long, student culture has been synonymous with drinking and partying, but it’s clear that a wider shift towards wellness is reflective in the ways that students are spending their money and free time, as well as how they eat, sleep and live.

“We undertook the research to highlight the ways in which universities are accommodating a range of lifestyles, ensuring that students are supported and catered for; however they choose to live.

“We have seen a demand for alcohol-free, quieter student accommodation, in which students who are avoiding late-nights and partying can be comfortable and feel supported with their choices.”

Here are the top 5 healthiest universities in the UK, as ranked by the search engine.

1. Nottingham University

Sports membership at the University of Nottingham is one of the most affordable and comprehensive, offering facilities like this climbing wall. Source: University of Nottingham Sport on Twitter

The University of Nottingham ranked No.1 on the list of 28 institutions, securing 18 points out of a possible 26. Although Edinburgh University also scored 18, Nottingham took the No.1 spot due to the breadth of facilities offered under its top-tier fitness membership.

The study found that the university offers one of the most cost-effective gym memberships of all, at £159 year for its most comprehensive package, compared to up to £630 at other universities.

The university even offers regular mindfulness programmes and calendar events, equipping students with the tools for great mental well-being throughout the year.

2. University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh has its own ‘Honorary Mindfulness Chaplain’. Source: Shutterstock

In Scotland, the University of Edinburgh was ranked No.1 for encouraging healthy student living in Scotland, coming in second in the UK overall.

The university offers a health and fitness membership for only £2.50 per week, with top-ranked facilities and amenities for students.

As for mental well-being, the University of Edinburgh offers Mindfulness Training for students, and free weekly mindfulness sessions run by the university’s ‘Honorary Mindfulness Chaplain’.

3. University of York

The University of York has dedicated yoga and meditation societies. Source: GameReactor

At the No.3 spot with 17 points is the University of York. This popular university offers students the chance to practise yoga with a dedicated yoga society, whether at the beginner or advanced level.

For those interested in learning more about the key techniques of meditation and how to incorporate it into everyday life, there’s a society for that too.

York also offers regular mindfulness workshops in various locations across its vast campus, helping students deal with everyday pressures.

4. University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow regularly organises alcohol-free nights out. Source: Shutterstock

The research also took into account how student unions cater for sober students (dedicated societies, events for over well-being, etc), for which the University of Glasgow ranked fourth place.

The university offers ‘Sober Sonic’ club nights, where students can party without alcohol, described on its Twitter account as ‘Evoking a Shift in Consciousness through Futuristic Dance Events’.

Besides these events, Glasgow also offers a large number of affordable and varied health and fitness options for students.

5. University of Bristol

Several yoga classes and well-being events are available for students at the University of Bristol. Source: The Sun

The University of Bristol offers students a variety of health and well-being options, such a ‘Mind Your Head’ campaign under the university’s SU Wellbeing Network.

The network also organises regular meet-ups and events, encouraging students to take care of their well-being and enrich their student experience.

As for fitness, the university has a yoga society, described by the SU website as ‘one of the most successful Yoga Societies in the country’, with weekly yoga classes on offer.

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