“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.” – Bill Gates, Co-Founder of Microsoft

In business, it’s all about the big picture. While attention to detail is a great trait to have in any organization, big-picture thinkers are essentially the idea generators, the inspiration behind key boardroom decisions and the people who make the difference between a moderately successful business and one that enjoys international acclaim.

At Westminster Business School, a global institution with a high-end corporate and entrepreneurial focus, courses are tailored to turn the avid education seeker into big-picture thinkers.

From the school’s Accounting, Finance and Economics course to its elite Leadership,  Business Management; Human Resource Management, Marketing and Education degrees and beyond, every accredited program has a firm focus on applying learned theories to real-world business scenarios, making sure every graduate leaves the classroom fully prepared to scale that corporate ladder.

“Designed for the global marketplace and based in Central London, our courses enable a diverse community of students, staff and other stakeholders to engage with academic, professional and research communities,” says the School’s Dean, Professor Malcolm Kirkup.

Another key highlight of the school is that it also boasts a centrally-located London campus, making it a major draw for students and academics from all around the world – over 150 countries, to be exact.

“As one of the University’s five faculties, Westminster Business School’s vision is to gain worldwide recognition as an internationally-facing, professional and research engaged business school,” Professor Kirkup says.

“Our mission is to facilitate the development of the business and management careers of our students in a complex and uncertain professional world. We do this by drawing on our applied research, practitioner expertise and management development experience to offer a wide range of business and management programmes.”

The Westminster MBA (WMBA)

The main aim of the WMBA is clear-cut and straightforward: to prepare professionals to work successfully with, on and for a diverse range of organisational boards. In order to thrive in the complex – and often ambiguous – professional sphere, graduates must be able to lead and direct in a wide range of roles to accelerate their career opportunities.

Carefully combining full-time and executive participants from diverse backgrounds and regions, the programme functions as an accredited, yet accessible, MBA based in the heart of London. Learning takes place via a calculated blend of Ultimately, WMBA participants greatly benefit from a holistic approach to the curriculum, where faculty have sought to instil strategic awareness and harness leadership potential in each and every one of their MBA cohort. The approach to participants personal and professional development is to work in a bespoke manner with every member being allocated a Mentor to support them through the challenging MBA journey.

All MBA participants are experienced managers, as you would expect from any Association of MBAs accredited programme. Within the Westminster MBA this is emphasised with participants only being selected to join the MBA team if they can demonstrate they will make a valuable contribution to the cohort. Everyone joining the MBA does so because they bring their unique experience from a diverse set of industries, countries and specialist job functions. Equally important is that they possess an open and MBA mindset. Participants are expected to use this mindset to demonstrate that along with developing an aptitude for strategic thinking they can also demonstrate an ability to perform within real life contexts solving a range of strategic issues for host organisations. As future directors they must collaborate, follow as well as lead, act as stewards to ensure risks are mitigated against, manage resources responsibly, advocate appropriate use of technology, innovate and harness an entrepreneurial spirit.

 “The MBA educated me in management and leadership related issues, it gave me credentials to facilitate a career move as it expanded my career possibilities for the future by giving me the big picture and knowledge basis to apply toward a focused career path based on specialised skills,” says Nassim A. Ershaed, former student of the WMBA.

“I was actually promoted to a Head of Department while studying for my MBA. Additionally and as an MSc in Information Systems graduate with 3 years’ experience in the field of Information Technology, the MBA Program taught me to see the non-technical side of the business, which was extremely helpful in dealing with non-technical professionals. It provided me the solid business background and analytical skills so that I am more effective in my profession.”

Nassim, much like the students who pursued it before him, was propelled to success by the WMBA. Serving as the basis for business success for students around the globe, the WMBA represents an unrivalled investment for all those with ambition and drive.

Other Executive Development Options

One of the benefits of working with a school like Westminster is the portfolio of programmes that can be selected from according to your own personal preferences. If you are highly experienced but the MBA seems too intensive or maybe you are seeking to avoid the finance and statistical elements there are a number of opportunities to take non credit bearing shorter executive courses such as Women for the Board or masterclasses. We also offer intensive one day executive development courses for experienced managers and leaders including developing your social media skills,  Another alternative for very senior executives looking for an opportunity to work on real-time organisational projects and challenges from your own workplace the MSc Leadership may be an appropriate alternative.

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