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For international students, studying abroad can be loads of fun, full of interesting new challenges and amazing experiences.

But sometimes, things happen that make you fully aware that you’re a foreigner in your host country, and you might run into obstacles only international students have to overcome.

It can be comforting to know that other students are going through the same issues. Here are the best #InternationalStudentProblems tweets we can all relate to:

When there’s a language barrier:

When you miss important milestones at home:

When people think you can’t speak English when you’re actually fluent:

When English is really not your first language:

When you’ve got visa woes and your entire future hangs in the balance:

When you have to deal with long journeys:

When you suffer from jet lag:

When you don’t know the culture:

When you’re faced with homesickness:

When you can’t fly home for the holidays:

When you can’t wait to bring gifts home:

When you have to learn a new national anthem:

When you have to lie at Starbucks:

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