The ideal LA student life at California State University, Northridge
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The ideal LA student life at California State University, Northridge

What do you picture when you think of Los Angeles? 

Most likely Hollywood, or the sunny skies along Santa Monica beach. 

Now, what if we told you one of California’s leading universities was only 30 km away?

We’re talking about California State University, Northridge (CSUN), which graduates 11,000 students every year. They go on to become leaders in over 200 fields from tech to education, spreading the Matador spirit across and beyond the nation.

Whether you are an international student embarking on your journey abroad, a freshman with bright career aspirations, or a graduate student looking to level up in your career, CSUN offers the right mix of academia and community to support your choice.

At CSUN, students from all over the world are immersed in a rich culture of arts, business, and technology.

From the entertainment hotspots of Disneyland and Universal Studios to world-class museums like the Griffith Observatory and The Getty Museum, the big-city lifestyle options are close by and as exciting as they are endless. They more than make up for the infamous traffic the city is known for.

Add to this the sheer diversity of people here and you’ve got a university to pursue a world-class education and study abroad adventures in an unbeatable location. 

Any alum would confirm that the CSUN campus speaks for multi-dimensional excellence. It is the centre of supported learning, meaningful interaction, growth activities, and safe living for every member of its burgeoning student body. 

Strong, student-focused support structures

For most international students, the pathway to a true American university experience begins with CSUN’s Intensive English Program (IEP). They learn English reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, and vocabulary in preparation for a fulfilling undergraduate experience. 

“After one semester of studying in the IEP, I successfully transferred to CSUN and earned my Bachelor of Science in Finance three years later. I then went on to get my MBA at CSUN,” said Fengyu Cao from China. 

Ali Alahmari from Saudi Arabia concurred, “The IEP was a tremendous help as I pursued my education. After finishing, I went on to complete my graduate studies in the US and earn my Master’s.”

The IEP is one of the many solid support structures at the CSUN campus. Another example is the online learning infrastructure in place at university, which is currently being used as the main medium of instruction in view of COVID-19 restrictions. 

True support is seen in times of difficulty. Whether with housing or grading, the CSUN administration prioritises student needs in facing crises of all scales. Staff members are ever ready to ensure constant communication and support even when students are not physically on campus.

In line with this, the IEP will be offered online come summer 2020. Students from far and wide will still be able to experience this enriching programme even if they can’t travel. 

Although campus open days and activities are temporarily on hold, prospective students can still check out the CSUN campus online or via the app, and speak to counsellors during regular office hours. 

CSUN campus: Facilities, housing, and activities encourage full immersion

Living on campus allows students to become fully immersed in university life, both inside and outside the classroom.

Students live in apartment-style units within a secure, gated environment, where they have access to laundry rooms, swimming pools, a coffee shop, and a satellite student services office. Getting around is easy thanks to the bus lines that ferry passengers to and from the nearest Metrolink train station. 

Northridge being a university town, there are numerous retail and dining options within walking distance of CSUN’s campus, too.

With a wide range of facilities in place, the CSUN campus is a safe haven for students to live freely while exploring various interests and talents.

You can drop by the bank or get food at the University Student Union town square. You can take a fitness class down at the Student Recreation Center. If you need to see a chiropractor or dentist, the Klotz Student Health Center is a one-stop centre for all your healthcare needs.

Source: CSUN

On top of the strong athletic programmes in place, the CSUN campus also offers a range of sports clubs and facilities for all students. You are encouraged to use the basketball and sand volleyball courts and take a dip in any of the three swimming pools.

Besides that, you can spend time in a few of the 325 student clubs and organisations, attend symposiums, plays, and film screenings, and join trips to popular national landmarks in the state. 

As far as legacy goes, CSUN’s Orange Grove is older than the university itself. 

It comprises five acres of over 400 Valencia orange trees, which has become a living lab for research. It’s also a tranquil spot to socialise and study, especially with the pond that has become synonymous with CSUN campus life. 

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