The Hong Kong Polytechnic University: Enhancing the academic and cultural experience
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The Hong Kong Polytechnic University: Enhancing the academic and cultural experience

“The vibrant and dynamic city of Hong Kong, PolyU’s diverse student community, my supportive faculty and co-operative staff made studying at PolyU a unique experience.” – Ahmed Gidado, PolyU international student, originally from Nigeria

Strategically located in Hong Kong’s Hung Hom, Kowloon – The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, or PolyU, stands as a gateway to the world’s leading international financial hub, and as Asia’s world city with the fascinating combination of east and west alongside ancient and modern.

The University, which sits on a 9.46-hectare site adjacent to the Cross Harbour Tunnel, takes pride in its provision of high-quality programmes and its ability to nurture graduates who are critical thinkers, effective communicators, innovative problem solvers and lifelong leaders.

“Apart from being a close partner of business and industry, PolyU has strong regional and global connections,” says PolyU President, Timothy W. Tong.

Since its formal inception in 1972, PolyU has forged and maintained impactful networks across the country and the world, in fashion, business and economic capitals. This is seen as an attractive asset to the international student population. PolyU also engages in 23 award-winning programmes in collaboration with world-leading universities in Mainland China.

The total number of PolyU’s collaborative projects is over 1,100, ranging from student exchange to staff training, joint research, academic programme collaboration, conferences, consultancy strategies and student placement. This type of strategy is incredibly beneficial to the international students, allowing them to form strong, industry-relevant contacts long before they graduate, and offers them an amazing array of invaluable experience.

“We are weaving a growing and increasingly effective global network which further facilitates our educational and research development, as well as enhancing our academic and cultural exchanges. We have strengthened our establishments on the Chinese mainland and have achieved significant progress in internationalization,” says President Tong.

As well as supporting a diverse and globally-connected university, PolyU is dedicated to providing an internationally competitive education via quality teaching and learning and the relentless pursuit of research excellence.  At the very heart of the PolyU programme curriculum is the desire to instil students from all walks of life with the wisdom, skills and attributes essential to demonstrate knowledge and integrity. They also provide students with the invaluable ability to progress their career, adapt to change and become responsible global citizens. This explains why PolyU’s graduates are extremely popular with employers.

“I believe what I like most about PolyU is its drive and commitment to create a global educational institution through the nurturing of an international study environment,” says Andreas Fransson, a PolyU international student currently enrolled at the Faculty of Applied Science and Textiles.

“I am currently in my fourth and final year of the Fashion and Textile Technology programme at PolyU,” Andreas adds. “The programme has given me a deep insight into the overall fashion and textile industry in Hong Kong and globally. It also provided me with the technical knowledge of related applications in the industry and business world.”

PolyU’s Faculty of Applied Science and Textiles, which encompasses the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology, the Department of Applied Mathematics, the Department of Applied Physics and the Institute of Textiles and Clothing, represents just one facet of the world-leading university.

PolyU’s other remaining Schools and Faculties include:

These departments deliver comprehensive courses and work-integrated education in virtually every discipline, allowing students to not only build their dream career, but also to thrive as they lead the field from within. It doesn’t matter whether they envision a role in fashion – like Andreas – applied science, biotechnology, material sciences, textile development or beyond, PolyU’s cutting-edge classes, delivered by dedicated Faculty, are guaranteed to have them covered.

“PolyU’s provided me with access to world-class facilities such as numerous state-of-the-art laboratories, advanced computing facilities, sporting facilities and an opportunity to become part of a community which is inarguably one of the biggest and most organized student hostels in the world,” says Ahmed Gidado.

“PolyU’s worldwide network of universities and industry partners also enabled me to take part in an exchange and an internship in the UK and USA, respectively,” Ahmed concludes, thankful for the fruitful and rewarding experience his time at PolyU provide him with.

To support the innovative and high impact research for the world-leading academics, PolyU provides a campus that’s both inspiring and state-of-the-art. In addition to fully-equipped classrooms, PolyU has also built excellent technology platform including the Hong Kong Partner State Key Laboratories and numerous Research Centres, a multi-purpose auditorium for music and performance, an Industrial Centre, Language Learning Centres and other academic and recreational facilities. An expansive array of on-campus services such as restaurants, a bookstore and a bank are provided, while modern student housing facilities are also close to campus.

Above all, PolyU seeks to develop the leaders of tomorrow, not just locally, but on a far-reaching, international scale. University graduates are developed into all-round leaders with professional competence and an innate global outlook, allowing them to excel academically, culturally and socially as they continue to reap the benefits of the enduring PolyU education.

“I often encourage our students to become “practical dreamers”, focusing on reality but looking beyond it,” President Tong concludes. “In a way, we at PolyU are also practical dreamers, who strive to turn our vision in education into reality.”

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