The highest quality high school arts education to set you up for life

The highest quality high school arts education to set you up for life
Source: Worcester Academy

Are you looking for a high school education that allows you to excel in the arts? Are you interested in studying at a historical American boarding school? How would you feel about a creative community that allows artistry to flourish? Worcester Academy in Massachusetts, US, is the school for you.

Worcester Academy (WA) is a coeducational boarding school with a historic reputation for arts education. In fact, Harry Warner, founding partner of Warner Bros Studios, chose to send his son to WA. As a result, the school hosts the Warner Theater, designed and built in 1932 by Harry Warner as a memorial to his son.

The school provides countless opportunities to practice and perform in both this historic theater and the modern Performance Center, whether you want to study music, drama or both!

WA prides itself on its dynamic and interactive performance-based music program, which strives to enhance and refine your artistry within multiple musical styles.

Source: Worcester Academy

The Upper School provides the opportunity to play in ensembles, including the wind ensemble and orchestra for instrumental artists, and ensemble singing and concert chorale for vocalists. Whether you carry your instrument in a case or hold it within your vocal cords, you’ll be able to pursue and perfect your craft at WA.

The school also offers several levels of music theory and study, providing individual and small group lessons specifically designed to meet student needs.

To really round off your musical education, the school has recently added exciting new courses to the curriculum, including history of American popular music, and music and culture.

These courses are taught through collaboration of the school’s history and languages departments, deepening your music understanding which will in turn, enhance your musical discipline.

If you’re looking to explore the history and craft of drama outside of class, the WA Theater will be perfectly suited to you! The curriculum explores a range of theater genres including classical texts, musicals and original works, adopting a collaborative approach along with classes and co-curricular opportunities to engage students, both as artists and audience members.

The study of theater as an art also develops real-world skills such as problem solving, organization, communication, and self-confidence. Practice on stage will mean you develop excellent public speaking skills which are very important in later life. Whether or not you decide to pursue drama as a career, you’ll be well set up as a confident and articulate young adult.

At WA, you can study and have your work featured in every aspect of theater production from producing and directing plays to scene study, costume design, and more. This broad array of course offerings is rare for high school education, representing a spectacular opportunity to hone your skills from a young age.

Source: Worcester Academy

You’ll create and collaborate in the excellently conceived practice and classroom space, in the Worcester Academy Performance Center, a flexible performance space which opened in 2016, and the historic Warner Theater.

Not only does Worcester Academy provide some of the nation’s best facilities in music and theater, but across the broad spectrum of the arts. The school firmly believes that building a sound 21st century mind requires the influence of the arts.

The school’s arts program accommodates every student’s needs and interests, with over thirty arts courses taught by a highly skilled faculty. You will have the chance to take courses such as ceramics, architecture, explorations in craft, costume design and more; not to mention the basics of studio art, drawing and painting.

The school’s excellent arts facilities don’t stop at performance theater, also including ceramic wheels, woodshops and computer labs. At WA, you’ll research, study and create across two airy, naturally-lit and well-equipped studio spaces, one specialized in 2D media and the other on 3D design.

Building and making is at your fingertips through Worcester Academy’s Visual Arts offerings. The school celebrates creative instincts and individuality, while also encouraging students to explore different points of view.

For Worcester Academy learners, the arts are about creative problem solving. Students are encouraged to look for creative ways to express themselves and collaborate, teaching them how to be part of an ensemble and create something bigger than themselves.

Even if you’re not planning a career in the arts, thinking outside the box is critical in any field, and a WA education will get you to your destination. If you’re planning a career in medicine or business, your outlook will be highly valuable, and the school’s interdisciplinary courses and arts outreach programs will keep you creatively thinking.

Source: Worcester Academy

Whether it’s masterclasses with noted alums or area professionals, you’ll see why the arts are vital to a great education. The arts are a vital part of life at WA and every student, from middle school through to upper, gains exposure to and experience in theater, visual arts, and music.

This is a formula that has proven to spur great results across the board. With over fifty Upper and Middle School sports teams and a sprawling 71-acre campus in New England’s 2nd-largest city, WA is the perfect place for teens to develop into capable young adults.

The school provides a diverse environment that welcomes all, with students coming from more than twenty countries. Twenty percent of which are underrepresented minorities, while 35 percent of Upper School students are five- and seven-day boarders.

Explore your creativity at Worcester Academy.

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