The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Producing versatile graduates for globalised workplaces

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Deakin College
Source: Deakin College

For the Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Professor Klaus Schwab, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is already upon us.

Spurred by a rapid shift from traditional to technological, the 4IR has challenged a range of industries and connected billions of people to digital networks and tech-based thinking.

Calling for leaders and citizens to “shape a future that works for all by putting people first, empowering them and constantly reminding ourselves that all of these new technologies are first and foremost tools made by people for people,” the Fourth Industrial Revolution is a time where students must hold on to their ‘humanness’ and be equipped with skills that meet global workplace demands.

Before uniting their talents with university applications, many students are connecting to colleges for foundation programmes and diploma courses to adequately prepare for future industry expectations. By collecting as many employable skills as they can, students will be able to land the most sought-after jobs in the 4IR.

From welcoming fresh-faced students to producing a generation of versatile graduates, colleges are actively creating an atmosphere of success, pairing learners with a syllabus that reflects the changing needs of the 21st century workforce.

Proving popular among international student communities, Australia is a top study abroad destination thanks to its multicultural environment, high-quality colleges and unique range of beaches, coastal walks and coral reefs to explore.

Acknowledging the advancement of workforce expectations and the value of versatile graduates, following a foundation framework from an Australian institution or earning a college diploma can help set students apart from competition.

Driven by the fundamental changes from the 4IR and delivering innovative teaching and learning, positive student experiences and engagement with digital learning technologies, Deakin College is a go-to destination for those looking to study abroad in Australia.

An integral partner of the global higher education pioneer, Navitas Group, Deakin College has three different campuses in the state of Victoria: Melbourne Burwood CampusGeelong Waurn Ponds Campus and Geelong Waterfront Campus, as well as an offshore campus in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Supporting a smooth transition into university life, more than 22,000 Deakin College students have successfully progressed to degree programmes at the multi-award winning Deakin University since 1996.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Deakin College

Source: Deakin College

A diverse array of diplomas

One factor that contributes to the pre-university ambience at Deakin is the plethora of programmes to choose from.

Destined for diverse future industries, Deakin offers students a broad scope of disciplines to invest their interests in before progressing to a three- or four-year university degree.

The study selection includes the Diploma of Business, Diploma of Commerce, Diploma of Communication, Diploma of Construction Management, Diploma of Design, Diploma of Engineering, Diploma of Film, Television and Animation, Diploma of Health Sciences, Diploma of Information Technology and the Diploma of Science.

As explained in this informative video, these Deakin Diplomas are equivalent to the first year of a university degree. Upon passing, you can enter the second year of your degree at Deakin University!

Comforting environment with on-campus accommodation

If you’re studying abroad for the first time, on-campus accommodation at Deakin College will help you settle into your new environment.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Deakin College

Source: Deakin College

You can choose from a variety of accommodation styles, such as a homestay, where you can live with an Australian family and experience the local culture; the Deakin Residences where you will you become part of a close-knit community and be able to walk to your classes; or you can rent your own apartment or house.

If you’d prefer to opt for off-campus accommodation, you can also use the Deakin online accommodation finder ’Houseme’ to find somewhere to live.

Understanding how daunting a new country can be for international students, Deakin College provides a warm community of like-minded learners and supportive staff, ideal for those who wish to familiarise themselves with their surroundings before committing to a full-time degree.

Encouraging collaborative and independent learning from day one

Without exposure to collaborative and independent learning, how else can students thrive in the fourth industrial revolution?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Deakin College

Source: Deakin College

From day one, Deakin College promotes a culture of innovative teaching, while encouraging engagement with digital learning technologies.

Preparing you for future workplace trends and taking tech-based disciplines seriously, this college grants you a great head start in the global education sphere.

If you’re interested in gaining a competitive edge from Deakin College and upgrading your skills, you can either apply online through the website, make an appointment to come in and see them or apply through a Deakin College representative in your country.

A gateway into globalised workplaces, Deakin College is where professional diplomas meet personal destiny. With 3000+ Australian and international students from all over the world, see where your course will take you!

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