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Is your campus doing enough to address the climate crisis? Source: Markus Spiske/Unsplash

It’s never been more urgent for us to address the climate crisis.

People, communities and countries are in dire straits, even in developed economies, as global temperatures rise.

Students and higher education institutions should be leading the charge towards a more sustainable future, hitting every Sustainable Development Goal set by the United Nations.

How well is your college or university performing on this front? Take our quiz to find out!

1. Which of the following best describes your campus' waste management system?

Unsplash/Pawel Czerwinski

2. How energy-efficient is your campus?


3. Are there any efforts to reduce water wastage?


4. Does your campus use any alternative sources of energy such as solar power?


5. What's the main mode of transport for students and staff to get to (and around) campus?


6. Does your college or university offer courses on sustainability and climate change?


7. Are there green spaces on your campus?


8. How does your college or university manage food waste from the cafeteria?

Unsplash/Del Barrett

9. Are there initiatives to engage with the surrounding community in areas that align with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals?


10. Does your college or university buy from green companies that are equal opportunity employers?


11. Are there strong policies against discrimination on your campus?


12. How would you rate the use of plastic on campus?


How sustainable is your campus?

Your campus is doing just fine - keep it up!
Almost green

Your campus is on the right track towards being sustainable, but there's always room for improvement. Why not set up a campus Sustainability Committee, where you can lay down some guidelines of your own?
In trouble

Oh no, looks like some major collective and individual action must be taken - and fast!

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