Which universities are pushing boundaries in surgery research?
Surgery research has the second largest research volume in medicine research, after a category titled "general medicine". Source: Pexels

Research is integral to medical studies.

When you’re looking for a university to pursue your PhD, the research done by the universities you are applying to should be considered. This could give you insight into the potential teaching and research opportunities at a particular school, as well as the fellowships available.

For those interested to advance their knowledge in surgery, a new survey by global information analytics company Elsevier on the institutions with the most highly-cited research in the field should come in handy.

Below are the top 10 universities in surgery research between 2014 to 2017, as reported by Times Higher Education:

This lists their expected output in the top 10 percent of the most highly cited research for the topic. The world average is 1.

University Expected Output Index (EOI)
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center 2.31
University of Oxford 2.25
University of Sydney 2.15
Karolinska Institute 2.03
Johns Hopkins University 2.02
Erasmus University, Rotterdam 1.96
University of Michigan 1.94
University of California, San Francisco 1.93
University of Alabama at Birmingham 1.92
Utrecht University  1.91

The US dominates the top 10, with five universities, followed by the Netherlands with two institutions.

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and the University of Oxford lead at the top of the table, coming out with twice as much research for the top 10 percent of cited articles than the world average

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