Study hubs that hold the secret to creative longevity

When Quartz recently questioned the longevity of creativity, the publication found that “creativity is the engine of progress in our modern society.” Driven by the freedom of thought, our world is heading in a promising direction.

As the graduate job portal widens, it’s the prime time to study a creative course. Whether you wish to master the art of graphic design or build an educational foundation of fine arts, the choice is entirely yours. There are a number of ways in which you can develop your current expertise. A key option is to choose a university curriculum that has been designed with your career prospects in mind, as well as one that supplies an encouraging learning environment

As Idea to Value points out, “Creativity will be the 3rd most important work skill by 2020”; great news if you’re contemplating whether or not you should stroll down an artistic avenue. While it’s true that many people fear the technological era and its future effects on the global workforce, with artificial intelligence (AI) making its way through every aspect of society, creatives often wonder if they’ll be kicked to the curb. But many will be surprised to know that it’s actually having the opposite effect…

In its creative economy report, Nesta recently discovered that the relationship between the digital and creative realms would remain harmonious. The foundation insists that “creative jobs will be much more resistant to automation”, and that the technological world would trigger a lifetime of open positions. With this in mind, you’ll feel extra confident when choosing your creative discipline because you won’t need to worry about the stability of your selection.

Once you’ve secured your preferred subject, it’s wise to go and find a school that’s ready to harness and harvest your inventive flair. Typically, creative students like to check out the surroundings of their potential institution before moving forward with their application. As art-friendly cultures and vivacious cities capture the learner’s imagination, universities that are situated in student-friendly locations have a core advantage.

That’s why this selection of schools has built effective study spaces that symbolise artistic innovation. With their strategic locations So if you’re swaying towards the idea of pursuing your passion, why would you hold back? The time to create is now.

Here are the creative study hubs that are impacting contemporary culture…


As New Zealand’s ‘Creative Capital’, world-famous Wellington is the perfect location for the launch of Te Auaha. At the very heart of artistic fusion, this city is home to a thriving population of ingenious innovators, including filmmakers, designers, animators, photographers, performers, artists and many more.

Wellington’s two leading Institutes of Technology, WelTec and Whitireia, have combined their resources and talents to establish this brand-new, purpose-built campus and its cutting-edge study programmes. Opening its doors to its first cohort of students in 2018, Te Auaha is thrilled to help shape New Zealand’s next generation of creative talent.

Victoria Spackman, Te Auaha’s Director, is extremely excited about the future potential of New Zealand’s brand new Institute of Creativity. “We’re approaching perhaps the most significant milestone of our journey – welcoming the best and brightest creative students, both from New Zealand and from overseas. I’m sure that the courses on offer, including our innovative Bachelor of Creativity degree programme, will attract the creative leaders and talented innovators who will help shape our industry’s future.”

So, if you’re hoping to launch a career in the fast-paced global creative sector, applications are now open for study beginning in March 2018. There’s never been a better time to make a positive change or to focus yourself creatively on those exciting future career development opportunities. So, think New Zealand, and think Wellington, where creativity begins with Te Auaha.


Clinging to its roots, Innis College is situated in a red-bricked building and is home to Canada’s first ever university-level Writing Centre. As a core branch of the University of Toronto, aspiring creatives are drawn to Innis through their sought-after scholarship schemes and reputation for returning graduates.

Innis One is a one-of-a-kind initiative that combines writing and rhetoric, cinema and urban studies. Through a thorough theoretical framework, the scheme encourages students to appreciate writing, film and the impact of urban landscapes on the creative sector. Seminars typically involve key face-to-face interaction with the lecturer and experiential learning field trips.

As former Principal of Innis College, John Browne, states, “the system enhances the opportunity for the staff-student interaction, creates a strong sense of shared purpose and community, allows students to develop leadership skills, and ensures that the college remains attentive and responsive to student ideas and concerns.”

With relation to the study location, Innis has built courses around ‘the creative city’. The transition from 2017-2018 welcomed an expansion of their syllabus. For instance, Innis introduced ‘Blogging the Just City’ and ‘Telling Stories of the City’, courses that highlight the connection between the city and creativity.


For a school driven by art and development, LASALLE is a top candidate with a bunch of secrets up its sleeve! With a wide range of labs on offer, you can unravel new-found theories in the Cultural Leader’s Lab or the Media Lab, where you can use technology in a visual and spatial context. Research practice in a lab like this would typically involve digital fabrication, computational design and physical computing methods.

LASALLE is supported by the institution’s board  who state that the school “is a culmination of diversity, progressiveness, inspirations, dreams, blood, sweat and tears, all of which have helped mould this institution into one of the leading contemporary arts practitioners today.”

The college accommodates an engaging array of programmes that fulfil the artist’s imagination. With its foundation firmly set in Singapore, your surroundings are likely to prompt a wild flow of ideas and designs. For instance, you may wish to visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens as they are blessed with beauty. Or perhaps a quick trip to Chinatown to witness the pure hustle and bustle of the city.

What makes this college unique is its interdisciplinary artistic annual programme run by the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA). Here, curatorial practices effectively promote new media, design and media methods.


In Western Australia, the city of Perth is making a name for itself in the industry of innovation. According to Business News, there’s a strategic plan in place to build upon creative connections. A driving force is pushing “arts and culture development projects across Perth”, and the topic is undoubtedly becoming an integral part of society.

Study Perth offers you a variety of creative institutions to choose from with its user-friendly interface and university-filled database. It guides you through the expectations of living in Perth and what to expect from one of the most liveable cities on the planet!

For Creative Arts and Design, there’s an abundance of Bachelor’s and Master’s to discover. Dotted around the city are hidden hotspots that are hunting for creative minds to join their team. Promoting a start-up culture, these places hold a firm belief in the artistic abilities of our generation – so much so that there’s a vast employment gap just waiting to be filled.

If you’re intrigued by this destination, then you should take a look at what’s on offer for the international student community all-year-round, especially since Perth continues to produce top-tier talent.

*Some of the institutions featured in this article are commercial partners of Study International

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