Ever considered studying in Estonia before? Us neither... Here's why you should. Source: Shutterstock

When you think of studying in Europe, you probably conjure up images of Paris, Berlin and Barcelona…

What you might not think of is the rolling hills and clean air of Estonia, a small island with heaps of soul in the form of Cyprus, or the medieval towns of Czech Republic.

How about the bustling towns of Hungary, steeped with history, or the picturesque cobbled streets of Poland’s old towns?

What about Croatia? Lithuania? Romania and Slovakia? Have you considered Latvia or Bulgaria?

‘New Europe’ refers to the 13 nations which have joined the European Union (EU) since 2004 and among them are some seriously underrated study destinations.

The Times Higher Education recently released its rankings of the best research-intensive universities in New Europe, measuring the teaching, research, citation, and industry and international reputation of New Europe’s many higher education institutions.

The top 10 institutions in New Europe

Rank Institution Country Teaching score Research score Citation score Industry score Interna-tional score Overall score
1 University of Tartu Estonia 24.5 25.3 83.6 33.5 50.4 44.6
2 Cyprus University of Technology Cyprus 17.8 13.8 88.6 33 69.9 42.1
3 University of Cyprus Cyprus 20.8 25 63.1 48.1 76.8 39.6
4 Charles University in Prague Czech Republic 29 22 56.3 32.1 55.6 37.2
5 Semmelweis University Hungary 22.6 11.9 61.5 34.4 73.8 35.2
6 University of Warsaw Poland 25.9 18.3 47.1 32.4 44.6 31.5
7 Masaryk University Czech Republic 22.2 22.7 42.8 33.7 56.3 31.4
8 University of Split Croatia 16.8 12.5 60.3 33.5 41.7 30.9
9 University of Maribor Slovenia 18.9 15.3 49 39.2 36.7 28.7
10 Palacký University Olomouc Czech Republic 19.3 12.2 45 32.5 54.6 27.9

The University of Tartu in Estonia came first in the new table, also ranking number one for its research environment.

Second and third places were nabbed by two institutions in Cyprus; Cyprus University of Technology and University of Cyprus, with the latter securing the top spot for industry income and international outlook.

It is unsurprising Czech Republic is the most represented country in the rankings – 13 out of 53 – as its reputation grows as quickly as its international student population. Overall, Prague’s Charles University comes in at number four with first place for its teaching.

Poland is not far behind Czech Republic, scoring 12 of the spots, followed by Hungary with seven, and Romania with five.

The top 30 also feature Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Latvia and Bulgaria. The full table includes a total of 53 institutions and follows the same methodology as THE World University Rankings.

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