Study Auckland: Kick-starting your career in Technology

Study Auckland: Kick-starting your career in Technology

“Tech hubs in New Zealand are becoming highly popular and they are popping up all over the greater Auckland region… Growth predictions, skilled immigration numbers and the evolution of generation Z will contribute to more tech and innovation hubs developing in Auckland.” – JLL New Zealand

Are you keen to study in a hub of innovation? Does the rapidly-evolving technology sector and vibrant start-up culture excite your very bones? Do you find the prospect of living and learning in a welcoming, multi-cultural city in a jaw-dropping natural playground positive and inspiring? Well, it seems Auckland, New Zealand, will be the ideal place for you…

Four years ago, after deciding to pursue an IT course with a focus on Data Mining, Andrew and his wife took the plunge and relocated to New Zealand. Drawn to Auckland thanks to its abundant graduate prospects, Andrew soon landed a role as a Data Scientist for Qrious, and since, the pair have not looked back.

And this couple are not the only ones relishing their new life in Auckland; last year, more than 80,000 international students chose to pursue their education here, highlighting the resounding popularity of this stunning region. On top of this, Auckland’s status as a burgeoning tech powerhouse consistently draws the world’s digital moguls to its shores, making graduate prospects highly optimistic.

Recognising the destination as a hive for the technologically-savvy, Study Auckland does everything it can to connect students with influential industry figures, giving participants the chance to shine in front of those who matter most. Earlier in 2017, for example, twenty-five international IT graduates connected with local and regional employers, learning the ins and outs of this lucrative trade at a dedicated networking event laid on by Study Auckland.

Here, each of the graduates was required to deliver a 60-second pitch from the stage, followed by an informal networking session to further discuss potential work opportunities with prospective employers. Next, the graduates took part in a 12-week software development boot camp with Industry Connect; an initiative that seeks to prepare recent graduates for the competitive IT market in New Zealand. Each participant gladly received a full scholarship thanks to a joint funding agreement between Study Auckland, Education New Zealand and Immigration New Zealand.

Study Auckland Manager, Nick Arnott, claims that through student-centred networking events such as these, Auckland has managed to retain the best international graduates in the region, attracted by the promise of highly-skilled employment pathways – particularly in high-growth industries such as those surrounding tech.

“It’s great to see the graduates throw themselves into networking with employers,” he said, “and also to see how interested the employers were in hiring diverse talent.”

Image courtesy of the Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED)

Greg Scott, General Manager at Education New Zealand, said the programme is indicative of a much broader shift occurring within global education. “International students are starting to seek more for their education than just a qualification – career outcomes, soft skills, and work experience are more likely to sway their decision on which location and institution they should choose for study,” explained Scott.

He also explained that the number of employers attending the event was a testament to the growing interest surrounding talented international graduates.

“More and more employers are seeking people that aren’t only tech-savvy but have cultural knowledge and language skills, too,” said Scott.

“It demonstrates that Auckland’s tech sector is hungry for skilled international graduates. Most likely other sectors are, too.”

And what Scott said is undoubtedly true, with many large-scale projects and brand-new business ventures springing up throughout the region, presenting a wealth of opportunity for students choosing to live and study in Auckland.

The location’s population, economy and key industry sectors are all rapidly-expanding, bringing more exciting career options than the region’s ever seen before. The city is big enough to be connected to the world’s fellow business hubs, but small enough that forging said connections remains an easy feat, with career progression generally occurring at a much faster pace than in the world’s larger cities.

Auckland also has a fast-growing number of globally-facing tech companies, in which employers are actively seeking highly-skilled and qualified workers. In IT – especially in software and technical fields – developers, tech analysts, business analysts and project managers are incredibly sought-after.

For all these reasons – and so many more – studying in Auckland is the ideal preparation for a successful career in tech.

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