Students in Croatia - here are some destinations you really must visit
Croatia is home to distinct landscapes. Source: Shutterstock

If you’re an international student studying in Croatia or elsewhere in Europe, chances are, you may have noticed that this Balkan nation’s reputation as a tourist haven precedes it.

Apart from serving as an off-the-beaten-track study experience, Croatia is also home to distinct landscapes – from stunning turquoise waters to cascading waterfalls and unique cities – that would stir just about any student tourists’ wanderlust.

So, if you’re thinking about traipsing through Croatia in the near future, here are some locations that might be of interest:


Croatia’s capital is home to numerous attractions. Source: Shutterstock

As the capital of Croatia, you’ll not likely want to miss out on visiting this eclectic city which combines modern, historical and quirky accents all in one. From the Museum of Broken Relationships and Mirogoj Cemetery to Saint Mark’s Church, Zagreb will prove to be a warm and charming city.

There are also many affordable places to eat (100 kuna or less) to suit any taste buds, if you know where to go.


One report notes that Pula is “Croatia’s best-kept secret”, often eclipsed by popular cities such as Zagreb and Dubrovnik.

But Pula is home to a rich cultural heritage that makes it unmissable. For example, the Pula Arena, which costs only 25 kuna (£3) for students, was a former location for gladiator fights, built in the 1st century AD. Pula is also home to tranquil beaches that would appease any beach bum.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Breathtaking. Source: Shutterstock

Listed on the UNESCO List of World Heritage sites, Plitvice Lakes National Park is undoubtedly one of Croatia’s most popular tourist destinations but it’s not hard to see why. Nature buffs will not want to tear their eyes away from the park’s breathtaking waterfalls and lakes in varying shades of azure.

The park “extends over an area of just under 30 thousand hectares (about 300 square kilometres), including forests (14 thousand hectares), water, meadows, pastures as well as scattered hamlets in between (Rastovača, Poljanak, Jezerce,Plitvica),” notes the website.

“It is a habitat of eleven forest communities including beech, fir, spruce and pine species.”


Dubrovnik is a southern city in Croatia. Home to jaw-dropping old towns and medieval fortresses, it’s a unique place to visit. Scenes of the famous television series Game of Thrones were even shot here, further catapulting the city to fame.

Places to visit include the Old City of Dubrovnik, which is a listed UNESCO World Heritage site.

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