Stamford American School: A wholesome education for the modern world
Source: Stamford American International School

Stamford American International School (SAIS) in Singapore represents a vibrant, inclusive community. It’s a school that teaches students from more than 70 countries, refining responsible graduates who are both worldly wise and culturally aware, and SAIS embodies what it truly means to be a progressive international school.

Offering an intensive curriculum and a choice of multiple graduate pathways, SAIS is a solid foundation for the enquiring mind. It’s a space where children experience a flexible yet specially-tailored education; one with the ability to serve the needs of children aged 18-months to 18-years.

A hub of opportunity

Recognising every child’s passion and unique talent, SAIS does all it can to inspire and empower. This is a platform from which every student can find their niche, uncovering their own path to a fulfilling future. Whether they shine through the arts, the sciences, mathematics, humanities or any subject in between, SAIS serves to enrich, support and allow every student to dream.

Source: Stamford American International School

It’s a school that caters to diverse learning requirements, with staff doing all they can to ensure every child understands their full potential. A personalized approach means no one’s left behind, while every learner strives for their ambition with integrity and pride.

A vibrant learning landscape

SAIS is intent on upholding the common principals of a global learning center. Focused on reflecting the connected nature of the world, the school promotes the World Language Program, teaching Mandarin, Spanish and English – three of the most widely-spoken languages today.

Looking towards outstanding communication levels in each, Stamford offers daily Mandarin or Spanish lessons from 18-months; Mandarin or English Bilingual from age three; or the English as an Additional Language (EAL) Program from age five to 15-years.

On top of this, SAIS provides the Mother Tongue Program – a parent-led initiative delivered after school. This program aims to keep the roots mother tongues firmly within Singapore.

Source: Stamford American International School

The full range of cultural events are celebrated here, including the PTA-organized International Fiesta, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Christmas, all of which expand student compassion, empathy and perspective, making for highly desirable graduates.

Dual curriculum – International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) courses

As the only school in Singapore to offer the best of both worlds through the IB and AP programs, SAIS learners benefit from broad and rewarding graduate prospects. Exclusive to Stamford American, each student graduates readily-equipped with a US High School Diploma and the valuable chance to earn an IB or AP Diploma.

In addition to over 40 IB courses, the one-year, university-level AP courses are designed for those who are both ambitious and prepared to take on the demands of such rigorous academics. Here, students experience the challenge of college-level studies, all while living and learning in a supportive high school environment.

Source: Stamford American International School

These programs are facilitated by the US-based College Board, and Stamford offers over 15 subject choices to students in Grades 10, 11 and 12 towards university credit.

Comprehensive programs

A school that’s determined to encourage and motivate, SAIS develops every aspect of the child – academically, socially, intellectually and physically.

Here are some of the school’s programs that drive holistic development:


Combining elite instruction with first-rate facilities, the Athletics Program commits to sports for all, providing equal sporting opportunities adapted for each student. This initiative seeks to assist young and aspiring athletes in their active endeavours through sportsmanship and competition.

With over 350 after-school activities (CCA) and 96 competitive sports teams, the Athletics Program supports the core values of growth, community, integrity and care, simultaneously, all while fostering the development of character, lifetime wellness skills, teamwork, a sense of fairness and respect.

Source: Stamford American International School

Field Studies

Exploring the curriculum from fascinating, often challenging points of view beyond the classroom, the Academic Field Studies Program promises a wholesome, progressive experience.

Commencing from Grade 3 and concluding upon graduation, this program promotes efficacy, self-belief, leadership and sound communication – essential qualities for lifetime success.

Performing Arts

This school seamlessly blends artistic flair with world-class facilities, nurturing the best out of any aspiring actor or director. Participation in drama classes and theater performances instil contemporary learning skills crucial to fulfilment, including creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.

Stamford American holds six full-scale productions each year, all of which are enjoyed by the entire Stamford community. Equipped with professional sound and lighting equipment, Stamford American’s 500-seat theater is cutting-edge, complete with a 60qm LED screen that brings their performances to life.

Source: Stamford American International School

Set in the heart of it all

Stamford American has two centrally located campuses and one of the few schools that’s easily accessible by both train and bus.

The Early Learning Village, which caters for students age two-months to six-years, is located at Chuan Lane and is just 2.6km away from the Woodleigh Main Campus, dedicated to students age seven to 18-years. Both campuses feature expansive teaching and learning facilities with sensorial opportunities at every turn alongside caring, passionate educators.

Stamford American International School welcomes new families all year round. Its next intake takes place in January 2019. Have a chat with the friendly Admissions Team and book your personal tour today!

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