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If you’re looking to enroll your child in a programme to develop their academic, social and emotional characteristics, allowing them to succeed in a complex world, the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) is a clear winner.

The MYP learning framework, catering to students aged 11 to 16, not only develops knowledgeable, inquiring, creative and critical thinkers, but encourages intellectual challenge in academics by helping students make connections between traditional subjects and the real world.

Parents who are looking for a reputable IB school for their child in the MYP may want to consider Stamford American International School (SAIS). Centrally located in Singapore, SAIS is a proud IB World School that has established itself as one of the nation’s elite international schools.

Equipping students with a wide range of skills through the MYP Personal Project

The MYP at SAIS is not merely about passive learning; students are encouraged to take ownership of skills development in research, thinking and communication through the Grade 10 Personal Project. This is a long-term project (minimum 25-hours) designed as an independent learning experience for pupils and is a mandatory MYP requirement and is in addition to regular scheduled classes.

Source: Stamford American International School

The Personal Project is comprised of four main components: Investigating, Planning, Taking Action and Reflecting. The development of the four main components aims to encourage students to practice and strengthen their approaches to learning (ATL) skills and to connect classroom engagements with personal experience to develop their interests for lifelong learning. Through these elements, students will be prepared to write an essay which is assessed and moderated both internally at Stamford and externally by the IB.

Students start their Personal Project at the end of Grade 9, where the school encourages students to begin thinking of their passions beyond the classroom. Consequently, in Grade 10 (Year 5 in MYP), they are prepared to decide on a goal, work through the inquiry process and develop a product related to that goal. Once they have a goal in mind, they’ll need to investigate their topic and decide how to accomplish it by setting deadlines.

Each student demonstrates their ability to be creative and critical thinkers, charting their own path to the final product. This culminates in an exhibition that provides them with an avenue to display their products, share their learning journey and seek feedback on the project with the community. This all helps support the development of their essay. This essay is then used to assess the entire project. Students receive support from faculty members who are assigned to the students, and through regular grade level assemblies to help guide them through the process.

Source: Stamford American International School

A platform for students to shine

Recently, the Class of 2021 presented their individual exhibits at SAIS after almost a year of inquiry at the Grade 10 Personal Project Exhibition on Jan 31. These exhibits covered a diverse range of topics, including an exploration of Chinese food, a robust discussion of Parent/Teenager relationships, a 3D model of an eco-friendly house, as well as an exhibit that explored the truth behind skateboarding.

Many students used this opportunity to raise awareness within the community on issues they feel passionate about.

Students took the stage to share their learning and invited others to learn more about their projects through the Personal Project Pitches. During the pitches, students had 30 seconds to articulate the critical components of their goal, inspiring the audience to visit their stall and learn more. Visitors then discussed and engaged students in conversation so they could gather feedback on their project.

Armed with these comments, students moved on to the final step, which is to reflect on their learning and write a personal statement describing their journey and the process that led them to the exhibition.

Source: Stamford American International School

The MYP Personal Project at SAIS is undoubtedly a unique learning experience.

But it’s not just SAIS’ stellar delivery of a globally-recognised curriculum within an international environment that makes students’ learning superior – the school’s nurturing network of teachers and administrators also largely contributes to this positive learning environment, driving students’ growth.

Combined with the school’s world-class facilities, which include an impressive array of sporting amenities such as swimming pools, air-conditioned indoor sports arenas, rooftop tennis courts, drama and dance studios, rock climbing walls, a multi-purpose sports field and a Golf Academy, there’s no doubt that studying at SAIS will prove an invaluable experience for your child.

So, if your interest is piqued, enrolling your child in SAIS’s MYP may just be the right stepping stone for their success, in school and beyond.

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