This hit-and-run incident took place in Kuala Lumpur on Monday, and, yes, the car the Volkswagen Polo rear-ends is a police car. The dashboard cam video shows the car speeding along the left-hand lane before smashing into the back of the police vehicle.


Volkswagon在前pudu jail的新隧道把警车撞上后,没停下来,逃了

22号早上9:09am,我朋友在上班途中,经过前pudu jail的新隧道时,在他的左边车道有一辆VW Polo,不知道发生什么事情,看似是开了全速的撞上前面的警车,警车被撞的转了一转,然后那辆VW Polo也没停下就跑了,这两位警员都幸好没事情。转载请注明影片出处~谢谢完整版在意外发生之前影片中也有看到那辆VW POLO,大家看一看有没有什么不妥~!!5分钟完整版 –更多好野尽在 废柴联盟

Posted by 废柴联盟 on Tuesday, 23 June 2015


The 21-year-old student, who reportedly later turned himself into police, casually speeds off leaving one of the policemen in the wrecked car to wander around the highway looking somewhat dazed.

The video, which was originally posted to Facebook, had almost 3,500 shares and hundreds of likes at time of writing.

Coconuts KL points out that the incident happened within sight of Kuala Lumpur Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) headquarters. Cheeky!