Sobey School of Business: An MBA that is making a difference
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At Saint Mary’s University in Nova Scotia, Canada, the Sobey School of Business is making a difference in the lives of business students and the ethics of business practices with a multidimensional MBA.

As a school that helps learners strategise their studies with AACSB accreditation, equipped with a global ranking of number 8 in the Corporate Knights Better World MBA league table, it’s no surprise that Sobey boasts 20,000+ alumni worldwide, with 68 percent of Masters’ graduates stay and work in Nova Scotia.

By preparing citizens of the world to lead sustainable and entrepreneurial communities and businesses, the Sobey MBA sustains and creates a positive, real-world impact.

An MBA with ethical awareness

As the Sobey School of Business is a signatory of the UN PRME, it stays strong to its promise of providing responsible management education.

For ambitious business postgraduates, this course is committed to ethical and responsible management and the sharing of deep-rooted knowledge.

By introducing you to responsible leadership and immersing you in intercultural, local and international business experiences, here you’ll cultivate your innovation skills and entrepreneurial mindset.

You’ll complete this degree in 16-months, but it’s widely regarded as a two-year programme. Built around a cohort system, students are accepted for a September start each year.

What’s great about this programme is that it fuses international perspectives from around the world. With 50 percent of the Sobey Business student body coming from outside Canada, you’ll enjoy studying in a multicultural learning network and you’ll enjoy vast opportunities to research, collaborate and mobilise knowledge.

For a detailed perspective of the MBA, check out this programme overview. Through this framework, you’ll develop the confidence to use cultural mapping tools so you can assess cultural differences across countries, the development of diverse business strategies and the use of effective communication skills.

On a macro level, you’ll become more aware of government policies, historical factors and economic landscapes – important elements to consider when doing business with another nation.

You’ll also unearth the challenges global managers face in day-to-day multi-national operations and the impact these issues have on the social, intellectual and entrepreneurial aspects of global business.

Source: Sobey School of Business

Once you connect to the Sobey Community, you’ll be ready to discuss, debate and interact with fellow business students about these challenges and produce innovative solutions.

Making future leaders more accountable

At Saint Mary’s University, Sobey Business students evolve into valuable assets for both local and international companies.

Known for encouraging accountable graduates to secure their goals, the MBA graduate programme partners with applicants worldwide to produce remarkable results.

That’s why Master of Business Administration student from India, Aqsa Zaidi, chose to start her business career at Sobey.

As she explains, “The Sobey MBA is a holistic blend of responsible leadership, entrepreneurial mindset and intercultural competence. It equips you with everything that you need as a manager to succeed in a globalised economy.”

By steering students towards ethical business practice, the school grants a stable platform for ambitious graduates who wish to grow their skillset.

“Responsible and ethical management is in the very DNA of Sobey School of Business, manifesting in various aspects of the MBA programme. First, we have a year-long course in responsible leadership that acts as a catalyst to stir up the ethical muscle memory and entrench the essence of responsible management in the minds of students. Second, each course that is offered has the principles of responsible management integrated into it, along with an emphasis on the UN sustainable development goals,” Aqsa adds.

Alongside responsible and ethical management practice, the programme also intertwines themes of experiential learning and travel opportunities.

For each course, a unique blend of techniques is used such as business case simulation, community-based service learning, speaker series and reflection on doing. Learners are encouraged to participate in case competitions, Net Impact conferences and partner with existing firms for school projects.

Source: Sobey School of Business

With regards to the travelling side of studies, Aqsa highlights key memories from her intercultural experiences at the Nova Scotia-based business school.

“At Sobey, the MBA has a course requirement to participate in the intercultural immersion programme. The school partnered with ESSCA school of management in Budapest, Hungary to host our cohort. During our stay in Budapest, we had lectures with ESSCA faculty, we visited the German chamber of commerce and the impact hub, delivered presentations and pitches and participated in fun activities such as the Buda Hill excursion and the ‘communist walk’ to learn about the history and culture of Budapest.”

So, if you’re not afraid to take charge of your career; you’re eager to develop your professional skills overseas; and you want to make an impact while pursuing a meaningful purpose in life, the Sobey MBA is the platform to launch you in the right direction.

For further insight, attend an online information session or request more information about Sobey here.

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