Sobey School of Business: Creating impact with purpose

“I think with Saint Mary’s, that the program itself led me to this University. To be honest with you, my initial thought was to just do my Master’s in India, but I thought that flavor of global exposure won’t be bad, and right now I’m in my internship phase, and I’m working with the Government of Nova Scotia.” – Shivani Rawat, Master of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary’s University

Named North America’s ‘Hippest Little City’ by Harper’s Bazaar, Halifax is a colourful and trendy student hub. As Nova Scotia’s worldly capital, Halifax is a treasure trove that harbors something for everyone, enclosing everything you’d expect from a young, urban city, while sitting mere steps away from Atlantic Ocean waves and nature at its best.

Capitalizing on this exclusive position and a long-held tradition of prestige, Saint Mary’s University is a recognized portal to a successful global future. Nestled on a warm, inclusive campus in a stunning city block, this institution helps you forge friends who stay with you for life, also providing a network of peers and qualified professionals who inspire your very best.

Falling in line with this heritage of excellence is the Sobey School of Business – an AACSB-accredited institution that’s committed to your unique aspirations. And while the School and its reputed faculty will instil you with the tools you need to thrive, it’s also dedicated to the improvement of our world, reinforcing our global economy and securing your future success.

“At the Sobey School of Business, we are committed to contributing to the prosperity of both our local community and that of our partners around the world,” the institution states. “We believe we can make a difference and have meaningful impact and that we can do so with purpose.”

Sobey School was the first Canadian Business School to take part in BSIS – a strategy specially-designed to assess economic, intellectual, cultural and social impact in the region via quantitative and qualitative methods. Among the report’s most influential findings was the fact that 45 percent of its annual graduate cohort stay to work in the region long after course completion, supporting the School’s yearly provincial contribution of CAN$329 million.

“Quantifying our impact is an effective way to both to demonstrate accountability and to start conversation around the present and future of business leaders in the region,” Dean Patricia Bradshaw explains.

“The Sobey School of Business is committed to contributing to local prosperity and being accountable.”

This altruistic culture that puts community first is something that’s imbued in students, empowering graduates to create a brighter, more sustainable world.

But above all else, the School prides itself on its ability to provide a truly world-class education. Here, students are shaped into compelling business managers, directors and entrepreneurs who lead with poise and passion.

The Sobey MBA, for example, emphasizes responsible management, immersing students in current local, national and global business concepts to perfect the most sought-after business perspective. This eight-month, integrative program strives to provide immersive, transformative experiences, honing your ability to thrive in the face of turbulent uncertainty and change.

Students of the Sobey MBA also relish the chance to connect with local companies and businesses via service learning immersion. This popular pursuit of volunteer projects gives students the chance to consolidate learning in a real-world business context, also urging them to make a meaningful community contribution long before they enter the professional sphere.


The Master of TechnologyEntrepreneurship & Innovation (MTEI) stands as another feather in the Sobey School cap, giving students the tools needed to forge their smart solutions passion into long-term start-up success. By expertly blending principles of management, marketing, leadership, finance, accounting, communications, economics and IT, this course produces students who are industry-savvy through sharp and relevant learning techniques.

“At PACTA we had the opportunity to bring on an MTEI student for an eight-month internship,” says Isak Rydlund, a representative of the blossoming technology firm based in Nova Scotia.

“The student quickly became an integral part of the team developing our new and innovative contract management product that helps companies keep track of their signed business contracts,” he adds. “The quality of the work the student consistently delivered to the project was so impressive that we decided to bring him on board as a full-time employee starting the day after his internship ended. Partnering with the MTEI program is a win-win for both companies and students and we definitely recommend it.”

Sobey’s provision of Co-operative Management Education (CME) further serves testament to the School’s success in presenting rigorous, dynamic programs for qualified management professionals. From the Master of Management, to the Graduate Diploma, and the Certificate in Co-operative Management; these comprehensive and specially-tailored courses cultivate a deeper understanding of crucial co-operatives, credit unions and mutuals within a transferrable, global curriculum.

As stated by Patricia Bradshaw, Dean of Sobey School: “In terms of execution and implementation, we continue to be passionate about community engagement and collective action as we believe that through partnership we can all amplify the outcomes of the actions we take.”

And through all these factors – and so many more – the Saint Mary’s University Sobey School of Business is creating impact with purpose.

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