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SOAS University of London: Producing global market leaders through a brand new MSc

When expanding into China in 1999, Starbucks customised its menu offerings and store designs to resonate with local preferences. More recently, during the COVID-19 pandemic, companies like Unilever demonstrated resilience by swiftly adapting their marketing strategies to meet evolving consumer needs. These examples highlight the importance of skilled professionals who understand the nuances of marketing across borders.

The demand for such expertise is high, and SOAS University of London is filling the gap through its brand-new MSc International Marketing. Delivered by the School of Finance and Management, this programme was designed to transform students into global marketing leaders. It can be completed in one year full-time or two to three years part-time and will officially be launched in September 2024.

The curriculum is meticulously crafted to offer a holistic understanding of international marketing, blending historical context with contemporary insights to equip students with a comprehensive skill set. By delving into the historical evolution of international marketing, they will gain a nuanced appreciation of its complexities and future trajectories.

For example, in the Consumer Behaviour module, they will explore key theories in analysing and explaining modes of purchasing and consumption. The core module also discusses and critically evaluates consumer behaviour in different contexts, enabling learners to apply their newfound knowledge to international marketing situations.

The MSc International Marketing brings together theory and practice. Source: SOAS University of London

The MSc International Marketing brings together theory and practice. Source: SOAS University of London

Other compulsory modules include International Marketing, International Business-to-Business Marketing, Project Management, and Research Methods in Management. Students will also take 60 credits from either a Dissertation – Finance and Management (worth the full 60), or a Practical Industry Project (30) together with a Research Project (30).

Indeed, the programme goes beyond theory, offering hands-on training in marketing research methodologies. Students learn to conduct comparative, cross-cultural marketing research, gaining practical insights that inform strategic decision-making in diverse global contexts. Nothing less is expected from a programme delivered by a research-intensive university.

“Our teaching aims to cultivate knowledge as well as the development of skills like data analytics, team working and problem-solving,” shares Head of School, Dr. Alberto Asquer. “Differently from other universities, we are uniquely positioned to understand global trends and local specificities because of our regional expertise on several emerging countries and fast-growing economies.”

For another 45 credits, students may choose other non-core modules across the School of Finance and Management or language options offered by the School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics. These courses, blended with case study analysis, computer simulation exercises, and traditional lectures, collectively instil a strong understanding of identifying and taking full advantage of marketing opportunities.

Another distinguishing feature of this programme is its balanced approach to teaching both global perspectives and regional intricacies. By emphasising the importance of understanding local market conditions while conceptualising global marketing strategies, SOAS ensures its students are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of diverse markets. This dual focus enables learners to tailor their marketing strategies effectively to fit different regions’ unique needs and preferences.

MSc International Marketing students will eventually be expected to apply knowledge by working in a team on a real-world client brief. Source: SOAS University of London

MSc International Marketing students will eventually be expected to apply knowledge by working in a team on a real-world client brief. Source: SOAS University of London

In recognition of the evolving landscape of marketing, the programme will even incorporate critical issues such as sustainability, technological advancements, and artificial intelligence (AI) into its curriculum. Through specialised courses and practical applications, students are expected to explore the implications of these factors on consumer culture and learn to integrate ethical considerations into their marketing strategies. By staying abreast of emerging trends, graduates enter the workforce prepared to tackle the challenges and opportunities presented by a rapidly changing field.

Professional development opportunities ensure this level of success. The School of Finance and Management ranks sixth in the UK for employment outcomes, according to QS World University Rankings 2023 — partially thanks to SOAS University of London’s extensive lineup of career-related services and resources.

Throughout the academic year, students can access various career fairs, alumni workshops, and skills sessions that provide invaluable opportunities for networking, skill-building, and exploring potential career paths. They can access a wealth of virtual career information resources on MySOAS Student, offering guidance on everything from CV writing to interview preparation. Through CareersZONE, they can explore a wide range of job postings, internships, and volunteering opportunities. The eMentoring platform, SOAS Connect, facilitates connections between SOAS alumni and current students worldwide for peer-to-peer advice and guidance. Finally, one-to-one career guidance sessions cater to students who are unsure about their career path or require support with the application and interview process.

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