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Here's why Singapore should be on your radar of study abroad destinations. Source: ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP

Deciding where to study abroad is not a decision to be made lightly.

International student fees are sky-high, so you’ll want to ensure you get your ROI for your investment abroad. 

Countries such as the US, UK, Australia and Canada often get hailed as the world’s bastions of higher education; in recent years, however, its Asian counterparts are steadily rising in league rankings and stature. 

Among the major Asian players today include Singapore, a rich and advanced island nation in Southeast Asia. 

Here’s why Singapore should be on your radar as a study abroad destination:

It’s home to some of Asia’s top universities

Singapore is known for its world-class education, so it’s hardly surprising to note that its universities are ranked among the world’s best.

For instance, the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University are ranked 25th and =45th respectively on the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2020. NUS has another feather in its cap, ranking second in the THE 2019 Asia University Rankings.

The country is also home to top foreign institutions such as INSEAD, making it a good place to pursue an MBA as well as other Master’s programmes.

Study in Singapore and get a leg-up to a healthy labour market

As one of the financial capitals of the world, Singapore is a magnet to expats searching for opportunities to work in Asian markets.

Business Review notes: “The Singaporean government motivates free-trade, which aided the country in obtaining numerous international investment opportunities from multinational giant companies.”

The country boasts of an open economy and has a per capita GDP higher than many other developed countries. This spells opportunity for graduates in the country.

According to Singapore’s government data, the median monthly income for Singaporean workers is SG$4,563 in 2019, up from SG$4,437 in 2018. Despite the slowing economy, graduates in certain fields — especially technology — still stand to enjoy better employment prospects than in other countries.

A great place to study abroad

study in singapore

Singapore is a haven for food lovers. Source: Catherine Lai/AFP

Singapore was ranked the second-best country in the world for expats to live and work in, according to an HSBC ranking in 2019. It is the only Asian country in the top five.

The Little Red Dot also boasts an excellent transportation system; a high standard of living thanks to its good healthcare and facilities; low crime rate; and a motley of cuisines that will satiate the palette of any international student.

What’s not to love of this cosmopolitan culture?

Enjoy great climate while you study in Singapore

study in singapore

A man rests at Merlion park in Singapore on May 15, 2020. Source: Roslan Rahman/ AFP

Singapore has a tropical climate, which means you can expect sunny or rainy weather pretty much all year long. 

This makes it convenient for international students who will not need to invest in winter clothing for their study abroad experience to the country. 

Without a doubt, studying in Singapore has many appeals; do your homework, weigh out the pros and cons and see if this is the study abroad destination to achieve your goals.

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