As California’s only Christian university located north of Sacramento, Simpson University does not just believe in imparting real-world knowledge; for nearly a century, its educators have focused on providing knowledge seeking students a rare, faith infused education that shapes them into grounded, well-rounded and compassionate individuals dedicated to world service.

Its status as a Christ-centred university means it is wholly-committed to developing each student in mind, faith and character, instilling them with virtues like love, courage and humility to put towards a lifetime of meaningful work and service in a rapidly changing world.

With faith underpinning the everyday workings of this world-class institution, its status as a fully-accredited, faith-based institution in the U.S. – the world’s leading study abroad destination – propels students to the top of their respective fields. Through its 25 liberal arts and professional studies degrees, an adult degree-completion program, graduate studies and credential programs, Simpson serves more than 1,100 students a year by preparing them for success in the complex global workforce.

Simpson University

Often, prospective students will wonder exactly how a liberal arts education will help them gain employment after graduation. Well, according to a study conducted by the Center on Education and the workforce at Georgetown University, “College students earning a liberal arts degree can nearly double their job prospects – and boost their starting salaries to boot – by picking up a few technical skills before they graduate”.

At Simpson, both biblical and academic principles are woven into the fabric of everyday life; university professors actively seek academic excellence because they are dedicated to God as the ‘author of truth’, and truth has implications for every single discipline. Apart from upholding their commitment to the moral and spiritual formation of each and every student, professors foster a number of core values that merge to form the Simpson identity and drive its vision for the future. These are:

Community: Simpson is devoted to creating a faithfully welcoming, courteous and diverse learning community; promoting justice, fairness and respect for all in the spirit of Jesus Christ.

Excellence: Simpson is not only dedicated to excellence in terms of teaching, it also seeks outstanding recognition via scholarship, recruitment, leadership, management, stewardship and interpersonal interactions.

Simpson University

Accountability: The university leads by example, taking full responsibility for its actions in the hope that it would inspire students to do the same.

Integrity: The school honors God and every member of the community through honesty, openness and ethical conduct.

Service: Simpson seeks to serve God by modelling Christ’s example of service to all humanity. Its very purpose as a Christian university is to be a ‘gateway to world service’, and a place where Great Commission is lived out.

In its constant pursuit of excellence, the Simpson curriculum really speaks for itself, with a comprehensive undergraduate program tailored specifically for traditional daytime undergraduate and transfer students. With a broad range of majors and study abroad options to choose from, Simpson students gain an extensive academic foundation and a strong international perspective, both of which are invaluable in today’s ever-evolving world.

Simpson’s Betty M. Dean School of Nursing provides entry-level nurses with the necessary skills to serve the needs of the individual, the community, wider society and the world, while its Graduate Studies Program incorporates the School of Education and the Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology and Organizational Leadership programs, embodying the spirit of the liberal arts focus that allows graduates to thrive in the fast-paced realm of employment.

“I believe that the liberal arts are resurging as the twenty-first century workforce is demanding great depth of critical thinking skills, collaborative problem solving, communication and adaptability,” says Dr. Gayle Copland, the acting Provost of Simpson University.

Simpson University

“I believe that in ten years, our students will take jobs that are not yet created. Simpson can offer an education that teaches students to adapt, collaborate, analyse, etc,” she adds. “The Christian college/university is more positioned to provide a liberal arts education as we prepare students. Majors may change and we may have the opportunity for more integration of current liberal arts and professional majors.”

The Simpson education is one entirely focused on nurturing the student in mind, body and soul, shaping moral and commitment and character so they live on through values that are inherently Christian. Through the motto “Challenge your mind…Ignite your heart…Change your world”, Simpson inspires students to adopt a devoted heart, courageous mind and a purposeful soul.

While Simpson graduates fully recognize the deep-seated ‘brokenness’ of the world, they understand that God has called them to contribute to its healing and push for human development through all their professional endeavours.

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