Scale global heights with an MBA from Nottingham University Business School
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Scale global heights with an MBA from Nottingham University Business School

Dr Rachael Lamb has had an illustrious career. Her CV includes stints at many high profile organisations, including the UK National Health Service, Rolls-Royce, Waitrose, National Grid and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

The reason for her professional success can be found in her CV — she’s an MBA graduate from the Nottingham University Business School.

For her, the greatest professional growth started on a personal level.

“One thing that stands out for me is the confidence you gain from having done the MBA. It’s a real breadth of knowledge that you wouldn’t gain any other way,” said Dr Lamb, who is today an Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the School’s Haydn Green Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, where you can grow your entrepreneurial skills and expertise.

Nottingham’s MBA equips graduates to break through to the next level of their career via immersive lessons, field case studies, and management projects.

Nottingham University Business School also offers significant scholarship funding to excellent full-time MBA applicants. Scholarships are available to self-funded candidates, who will be considered once they are offered a place on the MBA programme.

Candidates who demonstrate international leadership qualities in the next five to seven years and engage in significant global issues and solutions will be considered for a scholarship award through their MBA application and interview.

You can choose to pursue a full-time MBA over the course of a year or opt for the part-time Executive MBA, the Executive MBA in healthcare or the EMBA Senior Leadership Degree Apprenticeship programme.

Additionally, the School has its very own start-up incubator to support student innovation. Students and alumni from across all disciplines can use The Ingenuity Lab and learn from over 160 new and early-stage start-ups as well as its truly international community of entrepreneurs.

At Nottingham University Business School, learning is guided by timely research across key business sectors. This includes ethics, innovation, finance, healthcare, and international business.

It’s no wonder the School is one of the highest-ranked in the UK by research power — but that’s not all there is to its success. 

Ethical, sustainable perspectives to global business

The MBA experience at Nottingham University Business School promises to take your career to new heights — but just how is this achieved?

For one, postgraduates learn to thrive in a global workforce through the building of broader networks and the cross-cultural exchange of knowledge.

With campuses in the UK, China, and Malaysia, students can join overseas business study tours to further expand global opportunities and networks.

Modules are taught by highly-regarded academics and specialised industry figures, who bring a powerful combination of innovation research and practical leadership insight to the MBA programmes.

Resources such as these allow you to sharpen ethical and sustainable perspectives on business growth in order to build stronger businesses.

In fact, these place Nottingham University Business School in the top two percent of business schools around the world, according to the Association of MBAs (AMBA). AMBA recently re-accredited the university’s MBA programmes across all campuses.

The School champions the United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education. Besides that, the full-time MBA cohort actively participates in community consulting as part of the Business Practice Week. This is also when they visit companies in Nottingham and London for a first-hand experience of entrepreneurship-in-practice.

Such initiatives sharpen student knowledge and skills in a well-rounded manner, creating entrepreneurs that bring ethical, sustainable practices to global businesses.

Nottingham University Business School equips you for the future workforce

All MBA candidates take on this project, applying theories and techniques they learned in the programme to explore current business issues. It can be company-or-desk-based; alternatively, students come up with a business plan of their own.

On top of that, students are strongly supported in developing their future careers via the dedicated careers and development programme offered by the Business School. This includes access to one-on-one career planning sessions and online tools to gauge workplace realities.

Perhaps most importantly, the MBA programme will have you reflecting on your abilities, goals, and personality — and how they will help you achieve your dream career.

Another key ingredient in this recipe for success is the global network students build throughout their MBA experience. These connections link MBA holders to exciting opportunities and collaborations that can help bring their ideas and aspirations to fruition.

The Nottingham University Business School alumni community currently consists of over 22,000 graduates across the globe, many of whom remain connected to each other and the School long after graduation.

This creates a network of opportunities for MBA graduates charting their own path in the business world, much like Dr Lamb all those years ago.

In her words, “You get a real affiliation with the business school — not just the people that you study with, you feel the whole alumni network. I met so many people from diverse backgrounds, which has given me a real grounding in business to go out there and work independently.”

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