SAT practice tests
Study groups are a great way to exchange knowledge and resources ahead of college entrance exams. Source: Shutterstock

Students looking to get into a higher learning institute in the US will be familiar with the SAT entrance exam. Every year, millions of high school leavers prepare with SAT practice tests.

Obtaining outstanding SAT results could increase your chances of earning a scholarship.

SAT practice tests

The SAT should take three hours without an essay, and an additional 50 minutes with an essay. Source: Shutterstock

What is the SAT?

Originally known as a “Scholastic Aptitude Test,” the SAT is a common entrance exam used by most US colleges and universities to make admissions decisions.

It is also recognised by universities in the UK and Australia.

The test evaluates your written, verbal and mathematical skills on a score from 400 to 1600.

There are two main types: SAT 1 is for general admission to an undergraduate course, while SAT 2 is focused on subjects for admission into a particular course.

What do I need to take the SAT?

Besides written, verbal, and mathematical proficiency, you will also require a sharp no.2 pencil and paper. Candidates take the test in a secure centre, under the watchful eyes of proctors.

Therefore, you should also book your slot at the test centre (they are limited) and be ready to pay a fee of about $100. It will cost a further $26 per subject in SAT 2, and $30 to change your exam date.

The SAT should take three hours without an essay, and an additional 50 minutes with an essay.

SAT practice tests

Your preparation should be an extension of your study habits, not the result of overnight cramming. Source: Shutterstock

Why should I do SAT practice tests?

According to the College Board, practice is key to preparing for the SAT. You should expose yourself to as many different types of questions as possible ⁠— the more challenging, the better.

Though many universities are going test-optional this year in the face of COVID-19 restrictions, college entrance exams are sure to return.

When they do, you’ll be ready, having done these SAT practice tests.

  1. College Readiness
  2. PrepScholar
  3. Khan Academy
  4. Kaplan Test Prep
  5. Princeton Review
  6. Magoosh
  7. Varsity Tutors
  8. PowerScore

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