Rutgers Business School: Pioneering the intersection of tech and business excellence
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Rutgers Business School: Pioneering the intersection of tech and business excellence

When it comes to helping students write their success stories personally and professionally, Rutgers Business School (RBS) has led the way since it was founded in 1929.

The school is located in the US’s fourth most diverse state New Jersey. The “best state to live in the United States” (WalletHub, 2021) has a 45% minority population. RBS  is just as dynamic and diverse. With no shortage of perspectives, learning here has many unique dimensions that prepare students for the globalised and multicultural nature of the business world.

RBS distinguishes itself through its blend of a diverse student community, academic brilliance, renowned faculty members, and an enviable graduate network. Among its many programmes, the Master of Information Technology and Analytics (MITA) stands out as a shining example of the school’s commitment to shaping versatile and capable leaders.

The MITA programme responds to the growing demand for professionals with interdisciplinary skills in information technology (IT) for business. The one-year STEM-designated master’s programme has a 30-credit curriculum that’s rigorous and hands-on. This approach allows students to learn both domain and technical knowledge, preparing them to tackle the industry’s toughest challenges.

The result? Graduates emerge as future leaders capable of steering significant software development projects and leading teams of IT professionals. Just ask MITA graduate Divya Behara Venkata, who now works in a Data Analytics and Visualisation role at Deloitte.

“This programme provided the perfect platform to steer my career towards data analytics,” Venkata says. “The course structure offers an ideal mix of both management theories and practical case studies. It has been the most unique and cherished year of my life.”

The curriculum is crafted by a cadre of world-class, award-winning faculty members with expertise across database systems, data mining, security, privacy, big data analytics, operations research, applied statistics, business analytics, operations management, and accounting information systems. They don’t just impart technical know-how; they mould students into versatile professionals through three concentrations: Cyber Security, Data Science and Machine Learning, and Business Analytics and Operations Research.

MITA graduates embark on various career paths, ranging from data scientists and business analysts to it specialists and cyber security experts. The programme’s impact extends across industries, from financial services to accounting, consulting, and more, offering a broad spectrum of opportunities for its graduates.

One key element contributing to the success of MITA graduates is the school’s dedicated Office of Career Management. From day one, students are supported in their journey towards securing their dream jobs, whether internships or full-time employment. This includes one-on-one advising where every student is assigned a designated career counsellor who provides individualised guidance. The school also hosts exclusive career fairs every fall and spring, attracting top employers seeking to connect with RBS students and alumni. A required career preparation course further ensures that every full-time RBS student receives essential training for their professional journey.

Source: RBS

All these resources provide students with the tools necessary to become strong candidates in the job market. Hence, it’s no surprise that RBS students are often hired by Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, AT&T, JPMorgan, Tesla, Wayfair, HP, Intuit, and many more. This impressive network of successful professionals not only reflects the quality of education at RBS but also opens doors for current students through mentorship and networking opportunities.

The best part? As the MITA programme is STEM-designated, international students are eligible to apply to work in the US for up to three years.

Beyond academic and career-focused aspects, RBS fosters diversity and inclusion. The powerful Centre for Women in Business connects students with leading women in the industry. This initiative is a testament to the school’s commitment to developing women leaders for tomorrow’s evolving workforce.

The centre, through its programmes and research focus, serves a growing community of members and corporate partners. Its mission goes beyond education, aiming for equal representation and pay parity. By removing barriers, building communities, and empowering women with confidence and skills, the centre contributes to a more inclusive business environment.

Through education, opportunity, and thought leadership, the centre is making a significant impact on breaking stereotypes and creating a more balanced and equitable future for women in business.

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