ats friendly resume
With an ATS friendly resume, you are more likely to be noticed by a hiring manager. Source: Pexels

Job interviews are all about selling yourself.

But to get there, you need a banging resume. One that markets your skills – limited as they may be – to its best, most photogenic light.

Even if your only work experience is at an ice-cream shop last summer, or if your exam results are less scholarly than you’d hoped it you would, there can be hope still.

Introducing the Resume Assistant, a new built-in feature in Microsoft Word that pulls out work experience description from similar LinkedIn profiles and real job offers.

Basically, it draws on the beautifully crafted words from the masters of resume writing to get your creative juices flowing. Why wasn’t this created sooner?

All you have to do is to type the role you’re interested in, and the feature shows you a list of experience descriptions to help you craft your resume – the identities of the resume-holders are not shown, and existing LinkedIn users can opt-out from having their profiles drawn up for this feature. It also shows you the top skills related to the role, as well as “surface relevant job opportunities for you directly within Microsoft Word.”

Job interviews are all about selling yourself. But to get there, you need a banging resume. Source: Shutterstock

There’s no need for a LinkedIn account to use Resume Assistant, though you do need to be a Microsoft Office 365 subscriber, have the latest version of Word and be in one of these regions locations listed here. You also need to set your display language to English and your Windows region to one of the aforesaid location.

Use this right and you pretty much have a wordsmith at your disposal to stun hiring managers with the best euphemisms for your skills and qualifications.

A little handy warning beforehand:

“Remember, the descriptions are examples only. Your resume reflects you, not someone else.”

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