Quiz: Which on-campus job is right for you?
Is a Barista job ideal for you? Source: Shutterstock

In some countries like the US, international students are only allowed to work on-campus. But even if you have the option of working off-campus, it can be better to get an on-campus job as the commute is often easier and the role much more flexible, meaning you can work around your classes and assignments.

There are plenty of options to work on-campus. While you might think a job is just a job, you don’t want to be miserable doing a job you hate for the length of your programme. It’s better to find one that’s the right fit for you.

No matter which job you end up working in, you’re likely to gain valuable skills. It’s not just about the money as you can also build up your interpersonal skills, learn how to be more resilient and patient, or learn a whole new skill altogether (like making a great cappuccino!)

If you’re not sure which job to apply for, take this quiz to see which popular on-campus job is suited for you.

What kind of environment are you willing to work in?

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Do you enjoy working with food and beverage?

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Would you be willing to work alongside a professor?

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Would you prefer a desk job or one where you're on your feet?

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Are you willing to teach or tutor others?

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Would you enjoy working with books?

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Do you like making coffee and interacting with customers?

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Are you okay with cleaning tables and washing dishes?

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Quiz: Which on-campus job is right for you?

You'd be well suited to a job as a Barista. Most college campuses have at least one café on-campus, so there are usually many on-campus positions for Baristas. It's a busy job so you'll be active most of the time, and you'll get to interact with customers frequently. Plus, you'll get to learn how to make all kinds of different beverages - yum!
Dining hall

Dining hall jobs are usually not the most sought-after, but that doesn't mean they're not good! They're easily available for international students, and you get the convenience of working right in your residence halls. You also get to interact with other students and learn some valuable skills. Plus, you get free food at the end of the day when there's extra! So if you don't mind cleaning up after students and serving food, this job would suit you well.
Library attendant

This job is perfect for you. You like quiet settings and the chance to do some homework or study during downtime. Your love of books means you'll enjoy working in a library setting. There are several library jobs on-campus, especially in big universities where they have more than one library, such as the front desk, working in the stacks, working in inter-library departments, or in library mail rooms.
Teaching/Research Assistant

This job is ideal for you as you like working in an academic setting. If you're an A student, you have a high chance of scoring one of these jobs. Both teaching and research assistants work alongside a professor and are jobs that look great on your résumé . If you're considering a graduate programme, this job can help you gain valuable connections and give you insights on academic life.

You'll be great as a tutor! You enjoy teaching others and making a difference in their lives. It's a rewarding job that's doesn't take up too much physical energy so you can still cope with your studies. It can also teach you patience and resilience if you're interested in teaching later on in life. If you've got good grades, you can apply to be a tutor for your subject of choice at your university.

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