Quiz: What type of student are you during exam season?
It’s exam season. Are you as cool as a cucumber or busy pulling all-nighters? Source: Shutterstock

Love them or hate them, every student has to sit through an exam (or exams) as part and parcel of getting an education.

But depending on the type of student you are, studying can be something that comes naturally to you or a massive chore.

So, whether you’re most likely to be chugging down energy drinks and pulling all-nighters in the days leading up to an exam, or the elite few students who are as cool as a cucumber because they’ve been studying consistently all year long?

Take our quiz to find out:

1. It’s one week before exam season. You...

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2. Which of the following aptly describes you 10 minutes before an exam starts?

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3. You’re sitting for your exam right now. You…

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4. There’s 10 minutes left before you have to hand in your paper! What are you most likely doing at this time?

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5. It’s post-exam. Which of the following best describes you?

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Quiz: What type of student are you during exam season?
The over-prepared student

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Chances are, no one knows that better than you. You’ve been studying consistently throughout the semester and probably limited yourself to only food and toilet breaks as D-day loomed closer. Your hardwork and dedication have probably paid off in the form of enviable grades - Hermione Granger would be proud!
The procrastinator

Have some important studying to do → make excuses → panic → borrow friends’ notes and pull an all-nighter to study like mad. That’s probably the life cycle a procrastinator knows only too well.
The ‘chillaxed’ student

The chillax student is an enviable student. He or she seems rather laidback despite the fact that an exam is on the horizon. Somehow, they manage to pull through anyway and get decent grades. What IS their secret?!
The clueless student

The clueless student hardly attends classes, barely pays attention to the teacher and gets pretty stumped during an exam. But they find themselves in the same cycle again and again anyway.

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