Quiz: Students - which Netflix documentary should you watch this summer?
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If you’ve got some free time this summer, it’s a great opportunity to catch up on leisure activities – aka. Netflix and chill!

While there are so many great TV series and movies to watch, many tend to forget that there are also some amazing documentaries on good ol’ Netflix.

A documentary is a good way to pass the time while learning something new in the process, potentially opening up your mind to something you’d never really thought of before.

It can also give you better insights into a particular industry, so you can see what it’s really like in the real world.

Not sure which one you should watch? Take this quiz to help you decide which documentary on Netflix you should check out this summer – and beyond!

What do you hope to get out of watching a documentary?

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Are you interested in the medical world and often watch shows like Grey's Anatomy?

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Do you enjoy documentaries about nature?

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Are you a business student, or interested in the business world?

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Do you know of the legendary singer and activist, Nina Simone?

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Would you like to find out more about the impact of unhealthy food on your health and society?

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Are you interested in a gritty documentary or one that's more visually appealing?

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Quiz: Students - which Netflix documentary should you watch this summer?
What happened, Miss Simone?

If you're into Music/Arts/Drama documentaries, you won't want to miss this one! The highly-acclaimed documentary chronicles the life of legendary singer and activist Nina Simone, with never-before-heard recordings and rare archival footage. It won several awards and sheds light on the controversial life of the talented singer.
Fed Up

Those who are majoring in Nutrition or Food Science will love this one, but it's really a must-see for all. It takes a look at the American food industry and the reasons behind global obesity, high sugar consumption and the diseases that come from an unhealthy diet. We are what we eat, after all, and this documentary is a sobering reminder of that.
Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

For those interested in Marketing or Entrepreneurship, or those fascinated by how Steve Jobs built his Apple empire, this one is for you. The documentary takes a deeper look into the life of the legend, Steve Jobs, unravelling how certain influences shaped the way he lived and worked.
Our Planet

Love a good nature documentary? This newest one by the BBC, narrated by the legendary David Attenborough uses a combination of stunning photography and technology to present Earth's wilderness areas and their inhabitants. Not only is it visually stunning, it provides viewers with a deep look into how climate change is affecting animals and our surroundings.
Code Black

Studying medicine or love a good medical drama like Grey's Anatomy? This interesting documentary follows Resident physician Ryan McGarry and shows the the true inner workings of the treatment of trauma patients at one of the busiest emergency rooms in Los Angeles and the US at large.

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