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Will these futuristic job titles be used in the future of work? Source: Jerome Jerome/Unsplash

Futuristic jobs: what will they entail and what will they be named?

No one knows for certain, despite educators’ efforts to prepare students for the future workplace.

Seeking the answers, the American multinational corporation Cognizant, hasn’t just provided the public with digital, technology, consulting and operations servicUniveres, it has also provided a full-length report about the 21 Jobs of the Future.

“Concern about a ‘jobless future’ has never been greater. Seemingly every day, an academic, researcher or technology leader suggests that in a world of automation and artificial intelligence (AI), workers will increasingly be a surplus to what businesses need,” it states.

But before you read into the types of jobs Cognizant thinks will disappear and what will replace them, why not try to match up the report’s futuristic job titles with their given description?

This job will expect you to build the smart infrastructure capabilities for EC. Reporting to the CIO, you will define the IoT roadmap, carefully evaluate the technical requirements and assess the feasibility for establishing the edge processing unit and measure the return on investments.

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Through this role, you will carry out the necessary repairs when automated data flows are flagged by the city resilience team as broken, faulty or hacked. And you will troubleshoot equipment issues, diagnose faults and replace components and circuitry, from the smallest sensors placed on the city’s biotracking beehives, to the powerful data tools located at the city’s data hub.

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You will work with customers in their home or at their place of work to ensure clothing items ordered online fit perfectly when delivered. You will set up the Saville Rowanator cubicle, walk the customer through the short measurement process (which typically takes less than 10 minutes), ensure that all the required measurements are captured correctly, upload them into the central cloud-based ordering system and de-assemble the cubicle.

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Via this role, you will consult with patients and stakeholders to generate specifications for virtual reality experiences that bring a particular time, place or event to life. The ideal candidate will have a high degree of emotional intelligence to uncover lost memories and experiences, together with a solid grounding in virtual reality simulation techniques.

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With this role, you'll need to discover what data is telling us. What secrets does it contain? Every day you'll uncover new clues concerning the future of work.

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This job addresses the pressing need for both the unemployed and underemployed to find new types of work and for the elderly to have companionship. By adopting this role, you'll connect seniors with conversational companions in the comfort of their own home.

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Quiz: Can you match these futuristic job titles to their description?
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