Quiz: Should I work while studying in university?
Part-time work can bring great benefits when you look for jobs after graduation. Source: Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

So many things to consider – friends, homework, and just life, generally – and so many jobs to choose from.

Let us make things easier for you – take our quiz to help you decide whether you should take on a job while at university:

1. How much free time do you have in university?

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2. Do you think you will be able to commit to the duties of a job, on top of university life?

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3. How are you keeping up with your coursework?

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4. Does your future career require you to have as much work experience as possible?

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5. Do you need extra cash?

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Should I work while studying in university?
Commitment, work experience, money, have flexibility, personal growth. Many jobs can give you what you need, even those considered menial work by some folks, such as waiting tables, working at dining halls or baby-sitting. Pick whichever suits you best, even the more serious ones - who knows it could lead to a full-time job once you graduate? Our recommendation is to speak to your lecturers and career counselors to find a job that would suit you best.

You could if you want to! You don't need the money and work experience isn't mandatory for your course, but you do have the flexility and commitment to take one on if you'd like. If you want to widen your social circle and even learn some life skills, our recommendation is to take on an internship or monthly freelance work.

The odds aren't in your favour for this. While the prospect of working excites you at times, you've got too many commitments to take one on - keeping up with your grades, maitaining your social circl and god knows you need your beauty sleep. Our recommendation is to take on freelance work as and when your schedule permits it.

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