Quiz: How should you spend your summer study break?
Finally, summer is here! Source: Unsplash

Finally, exams are over and the Summer of 2018 is here!

With so much to do and so much to see during your international study experience, you may need some extra help to figure out how to make the most of your spare time.

That’s why here at Study international, we’ve made this fun quiz to eliminate indecisiveness and highlight some super fun options…

Which of these items interest you most?

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Which of these special powers would you prefer?

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How do you feel about big crowds of people?

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What do your friends think of you?

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If money was no option, which of these options would you most prefer?

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Quiz: How should you spend your summer study break?
Feel the festival fun

If you’re a lover of live music venues and freedom of expression, you should spend your summer checking out the local festival scene. From Glastonbury Festival in the UK to Benicàssim in Spain, there are so many around the world for you to explore! With the chance to slip into your waviest garms and the opportunity to meet a vibrant array of characters, you’ll enjoy an incredible summer you're unlikely to forget.
Long-awaited alone time

There’s nothing wrong with spending your summer alone! You may love the idea of being tucked up in a woodland retreat or scouting out the best coffee shops to hide away from the crowd. Your academic year was full of exam stress and group activities, so take some well-deserved 'me time' so you can come back feeling refreshed.
Engage with your community

Check out your local community centre and see what’s going on. You never know, the upcoming voluntary events might just come to surprise you. There’s a strong possibility that you’ll walk away from these events with a new bunch of friends and a huge sense of fulfilment.
Wander the world

During your university year, you may have bottled up your wanderlust and travel desires. If this is the case, why not spend your summer break away from the country you’re currently in? This may be the only chance you get before employment or time constraints begin. Grab that backpack, check out some cheap flights and enjoy!

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